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Q&A: Lies, torture and kangaroo courts: What would you “admit” under torture?

Question by nuttynatashajones: Lies, torture and kangaroo courts: What would you “admit” under torture?

Time magazine published the secret log of a Gitmo detainee. the log covered 49 days of a 20-hour-per-day long interrogation which included waterboarding or similated drowning. If that wasn’t enough; deprivation of sleep for long periods and various inhumane and degrading humiliations, such as “training” the prisoner to act as a dog and wrapping him in an Israeli flag.

Thats on US soil. In other parts of the world ( think Abu Ghraib) the US has surpassed many of the torture and degradation techniques of the Nazis.

If you were in the position of these prisoner what “evidence” or “confession” would you readily admit to to make to your sadistic US torturers stop their inhumane torturing? I guess you might admit anything under such duress.

Best answer:

Answer by THINK
I would admit to anything to make them stop.

I would like to see externally verifiable evidence that they are guilty. That should have been collected BEFORE they were tortured, but I don’t think it works that way.

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  • I think I would say pretty much anything that was expected for me to say if I was being tortured.

  • Errr…. Im Father Christmas and all the elves are part of Al Qaida.

  • Just like everyone else who reads this, anything.

  • I would admit to just about anything besides I would rather die than to reject Jesus.

    Without Jesus i would of been dead already and been in hell.

    So I can’t reject Jesus.That price is just way too high.

  • This was why so many people ‘confessed’ to being witches during the Witch Hunts – confession under torture isn’t worth the blood its written in.

  • Pretty much anything.

    What horrifies me is that the crusades and the witch trials PROVED hundreds of years ago that torture DOES NOT get true confessions.

  • If they played a poison Cd on repeate that’d do the job for me. Now that’s torture!

  • i would admit, that even FSM is non-existing, to avoid have my head cut of slowly by dull knife.

  • I would admit to anything. There are very few people who could withstand torture, although I think the legal jury is still out on whether waterboarding is torture or not. It sure sounds like it is to me.

    If that’s the case, then all information the US has collected using waterboarding cannot be used as evidence in a US court of law. I’m not sure if that applies to US miltary tribunals. The Bush administration is making up the rules as they go along. It can and is, however, used for counterintelligence purposes.

  • I’m in the fortunate position of not having to have found out from experience, so I can’t be sure. But like many others, I would probably say what was required to get them to stop.

    (Incidentally, I think of all the religious people who claim “I would die screaming in agony before I denied God/Allah/etc”, only a small minority would have the strength to actually do it).

    This actually reminds me of part of Dylan Morans stand up routine, in which he is talking about the Special Forces motto – “Death before Dishonour” and he asks “How much dishonour? For instance, I’d fellate a smurf before I’d pick death”.

  • We are all the same. No one can stand being tortured. If they say they could it’s because they have never been in a lot of pain. Check out the inquisitions if you really want to know.

  • I would admit that I am against the bush regime and that if I had enought resources I would blow up half the world in order to make them stop torturing me…

    and remember that it would all be bs, except the first part about the bush regime…

    As for any evidence gathered from this I wouldnt believe a single word of it because most of the time people say whatever they think the torturer wants to here so that they will stop…

    btw I think bush and his cabal should all be sent to gitmo when bush is out of office…. and then charged with war crimes and hung….and in case you are wondering, I am an American

  • You are descibing the extreme treatment for certain prisoners that were thought to have information that could save lives . This information could have prevented US soldiers from entering a booby trapped house or prevented a suicide bomber from killing and maiming innocent Iraqi children .
    Second of all , do you really want to take the word of someone who was highly suspected of being afilliated with the tortorous regime of Sadam which murdered people en masse for protesting his policies ?
    Third, which IS worse , an adult prioner of war being humiliated or a little girl having her legs blown off ?
    Which is worse , an adult prisoner of war being made to feel like he will be drowned if he doesn’t give up information about secret hiding places ,or the reporter being tortured in them and then beheaded on video ?
    Iraq did (does) not abide by the Geneva convention . So if we had to “bend” a few of those rules , so what . Too bad we weren’t able to get hold of some of those people who had information about the 9-11 attacks . I can think of a lot worse things I would have done to get that information in time !

  • “If torture and abuse had a smell, none of the American soldiers would be able to sit next to anyone else.” Said by the former Gitmo inmate Omar Deghayes.

    Released after 6 years- torutured and made blind in one eye. held in legal limbo as a top terror suspect for 6 years and then suddenly released without charge, without apology without explanation and without compensation.

    Why is america working so hard to ruin its image in the eyes of the world?

  • This is exactly why such practises are so disturbing.

    People who do not consider what they’d do under these circumstances judge those who’ve made “confessions”.

    & FTR I know I’d most likely crack.

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