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Q&A: My female Golden Retreiver has recently started digging holes in the yard. How do we get her to stop? She’s 2

Question by Susan B: My female Golden Retreiver has recently started digging holes in the yard. How do we get her to stop? She’s 2

We got her last summer. She’s only started to dig about a month ago. We are looking into different “dog training”. Have heard about “Bark Busters” It’s just so expensive. Has anyone used them to help stop their dog from digging? Or if you have a humane suggestion to help us stop the digging, I’d appreciate it.

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Answer by Esther
She’s probably bored and needs exercise.

Do you walk her or take her to the dog park? A tired dog is a happy dog!

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  • smack her ass, seriously

    do it now before the habit is ingrained,

    not telling you to beat the dog, just firm control, let her know its wrong

    not humane enough? put up with the holes…

  • My german shepherd does this occasionally too. I went out one day and there were two huge holes he dug. I showed him the holes, told him no, sent him to his time out corner, and refilled the holes. The next time he went out I watched him for awhile, and saw him going toward where he had been digging and I went out and said no then went and stood over the spot. He went to another part of the yard and laid down. I went in, kept watching him, and he stayed away from the filled areas. I really don’t know anything except watching him for awhile and if you see him starting to dig, yell at him and remove him from the area. Not much help but it works with my dog who is almost 1.

  • So many questions for this one. First off, this nor any other behavior, should be corrected by yelling or hitting of any type. Now, is she an outside dog? If so, then any area you have designated as hers is up for grabs. A concrete dog run would solve the problem when you can be there with her. If she is an inside dog, then we have to wonder why she is digging only outside. Many dogs mimic the digging behavior inside as well. Dogs dig for many reasons; to lie in the cool soil to be comforted from the heat, sent chasing – searching for things she smells, like vermin, burring things like treats or toys, even trying to escape. If she is digging in the same spot you can try securing chicken wire in that area. When she goes to dig again, the unpleasant feeling on her claws will discourager her. That, however, is only a band aid until you uncover the true reason she is digging. Humans often make the arrogant assumption that we know why our pets behave the way they do – based on our human experiences, and not on those experiences which would be natural for our pets if they were in the wild. Also, “dog training” is wonderful, especially if it includes regular in-home behavior modification. (which is different from training)

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