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Q&A: My mum says that if we get a dog she wants it to sleep in a cage at night time. Is this acceptable?

Question by I Has A Hat: My mum says that if we get a dog she wants it to sleep in a cage at night time. Is this acceptable?

We’re looking after her sister’s dog and he pisses everywhere at night time and at 6 am, and raids the bins early in the morning too.

She says that when we get a dog ( probably in the summer ) she would want it to sleep in an appropriately sized cage at night and when we’re out for long periods ( long as in 4 or 5 hours ). The puppy would probably be “litter trained” from a young age – is this possible?

And is it acceptable for a dog to sleep in a cage? Cage is not exactly the right word. It would just be a medium-sized enclosed “container” with a bed, water and some newspapers.

Your opinion?

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Answer by muffett1
lots of people kennel their pets
it is acceptable & the dog has to be trained to be in there

before bed time someone needs to let the dog go outside to pee. dogs do not like to use thier sleeping quarters as a bathroom

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  • It’s called a crate or kennel. TONS of people crate their dogs as puppies because puppies don’t know yet to only go outside and they also don’t have good bladder control yet. It’s perfectly fine that he’s be crated. I actually wouldn’t leave food and water in their when you’re not home because he’ll just knock it all over, and then drinking and eating will really make him need to use the bathroom to the point that he might still go in the crate if he can’t hold it (again, puppies are like babies and just can’t hold it yet). Make sure to take him outside every 1-2hrs and give lots of praise and excitement when he goes out there so he knows it’s a really good thing.

  • Yes it is acceptable…it is called a crate not a cage. My crate trained dog still prefers to sleep in his crate at night even given the option not to.

  • lots of dogs sleep in crates at night. the dog may cry for the first few nights but after a while will get used to it and even like to be in its crate. this is a very useful tool when you are house breaking a dog because they wont pee where they sleep. the one thing you need to do is make sure you are getting the right size of crate. the dog should be able to stand, turn around, and lay down comfortably. make sure it is not too big though. a crate that’s too big will give the dog room to poop in the crate and they won’t keep it clean. it’s also always good to put a toy in the crate with the dog at night. this keeps them occupied in case they wake up in the middle of the night.

  • the sleeping is ok but the long periods will make the dog depressed,

  • Yes it’s acceptable for a dog to sleep in a crate at night but get ready for a few nights of howling and crying until the dog gets used to it. It would help if you keep the crate in your bedroom so you can reassure the dog that he’s not alone.

    I would not keep any dog in a crate for more than about 4 hours, except at night. Crates also make house training easier.
    Why do you want to litter train a dog. It’s much better to train a dog to go outside in the yard than have it using the house as a toilet.

    My dogs have crates and the doors are always open. The dogs go in of their own accord when they want to rest. Dogs like their crates, it’s their own safe place.
    I would not withold water from the dog in a crate. You can buy dishes that clip onto the side of the crate so the dog doesn’t tip the water out.

  • That is how i have always trained my puppies. It is not safe for a young dog to run around the house by itself at night.
    For the first night keep the doggy in a high topped cardboard box by your bed and pet whenever it makes excessive noise. DO NOT TAKE IT OUT WHEN IT CRIES. The only time you should do this is when it has t go to the bathroom. if so take the dog outside/to the paper immediately. Don’t say anything to it unless it uses the bathroom.
    During the day, first you shoukd leave the door of the crate open so it will go in by itself.Then shut it in for gradual amount s of time until you get up to 5-5 hrs.
    Hope this helps!

  • having a dog in a cage at night is fine as long as it is sized right for the dog so the dog cannot injure itself and aslong as it has water .but before putting the dog in the cage make sure it is put out side first so it can poo/wee first as it would be very uncomfortable for the dog if it went in the cage .
    however im not sure about leaving it for 4-5 hours in the day as in the day dogs should really be allowed to walk and strech out the legs

  • yes crates are used all the time.

  • Crate is what we call it, and it’s very appropriate for a dog to spend the night in his crate. It’s his special place where he can relax without be bothered. I have open crates all over my house and there is usually a dog in one or the other of them , with the door open, during the day. Dogs are considered “den” animals, so it’s his/her safe haven. I never put water in a crate unless I’m using a hamster water bottle attached to the wire, as a tipped over water bowl would be very uncomfortable to sleep in.

  • Yes crate or kennel a dog at night is okay.

    Take away the water about a hour or two before bedtime for the dog you are watching right now. Maybe he wont pee so much in the middle of the night. Keep anything out of reach that he can get into. Dogs are like babies, so think of it as baby proofing your house.

  • Yes. lots of people use a crate for their dogs.

    Crates are nice because not only do they keep the dog from doing things that you may not like, but they also protect the dog from hurting itself while you’re unable to watch it. Obviously, you can’t simply leave the dog in the crate for long periods of time, and puppies can be left alone in the crate for even shorter periods of time than adult dogs.

    Whenever I get a new dog, he or she sleeps in a crate at night until I’m sure that he or she won’t pee in the house (or do other destructive things).

    When and if you do get a crate, it’s generally not the best idea to leave water in there, especially for a puppy, because they will sometimes drink too much and have to pee in their crate.

    There’s lots of stuff to know about dogs and crates, so google ‘crate training’ and read up before you decide to get a dog.

  • I use a crate to potty train my puppies, yes. I find it is the fastest method for potty and house training. However, once I have trained my puppy, I break down the crate and store it in the garage until the next puppy. Once I get them trained, I have no reason to use a crate. I use a bell method of potty training, so it the puppy needs to potty in the middle of the night, they ring a dinner bell I have tied to the door and I take them potty. I train them how to behave in the house when they are little, so I can leave the house and they won’t eat my furniture and stuff. Some dogs do continue to use a crate for sleeping when they are older, and most people leave the door open once they are potty trained, but I only use the crate for potty training. You can use search for questions on this site for potty training tips, but I think your mum has the right plan.

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