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Q&A: Small Town.CRAZY,INSANE,things.?

Question by Asherann: Small Town.CRAZY,INSANE,things.?

I live in this really small town and i wanna do something really fun…the population here is about 2,300 ppl so…ya…the police dont really pay attention to do u think are some fun things we can do during the night?especially the night…haha.I really wanna tp a field or something…also whatr sum thngs we can do during the day?weve already put someone on a leesh with a “dog-in-training”sign around his neck and walked around town…it was hilarious.were boys in girls…12,13,14…so any ideas?thanks!!!

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Answer by Darin C
Do you live in a desert area, forest, hillside, plains?

If you live in a desert you can set up some black-lights and have a late night game of neon softball.
If you live in a forest you can set up a haunted trail for this coming Halloween. Nothing scarier than a dark trail through the middle of a forest when you know something is out there about to jump out at you.
If you live on a hillside, find a stretch of hill with nothing but dead grass or dirt down a long strip and ride a thick piece of cardboard down it like a giant slide.
and if you live in a plains area build yourself a catapult contraption and have a competition seeing how far you can get it to sling water-balloons.

These are just some ideas.

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