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Q&A: training a 12 week husky puppy?

Question by cats3inhouse: training a 12 week husky puppy?

we just got the puppy, the old owner say she is used to using newspaper. so I was wondering when you have carpet throughout. where do you put the newspaper? and do you need to put anything underneath?
I just got up at 6am. and she went 2 times inside, but took her outside. all she does is lay down, she wont “find a spot” to go in yard? I have tried all sites here and nothing has helped. so thought I would ask ‘trained” dog owners.
and my cats eat the dog food also, should I stop them from doing this? will it hurt my cats. and the dog likes the cat food. and im afraid when noone is home(work and school) they will eat it.
so, where do you suggest I put the dog food and the cat food in my house? my cats are in house cats only.
I dont get up till 6am. wont the puppy cry or bark if in the crate and she needs to go when im sleeping?
or cry and bark while we are at work and school and the cats can be anywhere in the house and she has to be cooped up in the crate for 8hours a day.?? and if in the crate how will she eat for 8 hours(she is a puppy).

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Answer by ontario ashley
You need to crate train this dog – it should not be going on newspapers in the house. A crate will prevent her from going indoors, and from getting into the cat food. There are a ton of crating resources on the net, just google it. It will help ALOT trust me!!

And yes, you should stop the animals from eating each other’s food. They have different nutrient levels and are not meant to be interchanged. Feed them separately.

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  • We have a Siberian. They are a bit more stubborn than your average breed. You do not want the dog to go on newspaper, only outside. Crate her. Give her plently of potty time outside. After you uncrate, immediately take her out. Tell her “Go Potty” and wait for her to go. After, click (with a clicker) and treat and praise. Then you can play with her a bit. Leave her in the house only when directly supervised, otherwise crate her. Siberians are clean dogs and should catch on quick. But once dogs go potty inside, it’s hard to get them to stop.
    Also, put the cats food up where the dog can’t reach. Feed the puppy two or three times a day (divide the daily allowance into 2 or 3 portions). Have the puppy sit before you feed her. Free range feeding is bad and will make your puppy harder to train.

  • If your kitchen has a normal doorway to it from the living room, this is the best place to put the dog when your not at home. Also her food. Just find something to baricade the doorway, (one of those gates that they use for kids is good). The cats food can go anywhere up higher so the dog can’t get it. My animals never got sick from eating each others food. But if this is a concern, put the dog on your schedule. Feed her when you eat rather then leaving her food out all day. Also try the dog on a leash. take her for a walk around town. you’ll be surprised at the amount of other dog owners in your area. your dog will catch on to going outside the more she’s around other dogs. If you have friends with dogs take the dog visiting. This will help you to train her. She’ll catch on to what the other dogs are doing and start doing the same. Kinda like monkey see, monkey do. The other dog owners in your area can also give you tips on any questions that you may have. You’ll find that they love to talk about their dogs. I run into someone new at least once a month. And there is always at least one regular when I walk my dog. Actually it was a neighbours dog that taught my new dog how to go outside. We lost our mother (Breeder) dog a year prior to getting this one. But all my fears of not having Cuddles around to train the new dog disappeared when he started watching the dog next door. P.S Try getting one of those retractable leashes until your dog is trained to heal. She just might be a little shy about donig her thing with you watching so close. Also try a dog park. They’re everywhere nowadays. Just check with your town office or city hall. They’ll tell you where they are. Don’t forget to take a ball or frizbee. as these parks allow the dogs to be off their leash. great place for your dog to learn.

  • The next time she goes in the house get an old washcloth and get it wet wiht the mess and take it outside. Put it where you want the dog to go and hang it on a stick. The next time the dog goes scold it and take her to the spot where the rag is. My neighbors dog was doing the same thing and after about 2 trips to the rag after the scolding and then praise for going outside the dog was squared away in about 2 days. Hope this helps.

  • for a start you should never have got a pup when there is no one there all day the pup needs company otherwise he may become frightened of you/kids & attack he should not be kept in the crate either thats just bloody nasty. the dog should not be out side until it has had its injections then you should take the pup out & put it down in the same place with the newspaper it has just used from in side the kitchen by the back door
    that is what i done with zack (my siberian husky)he has never messed in my house after doing this for a week

  • well i have both cats and dogs and what i do with the cat food is place it just high enough that the dogs cant get it cats are very agile even at an old age they still can find ways to their food. for the puppy if it is used to the newspaper already, place something underneath the newspaper and every week or so move the newspaper til it gets out side huskies are very smart they will then learn to ask to go out side on the newspaper and eventually you even need that anymore see if this helps

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