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Questions about Chow Chows. Serious answers only please ..?

Princ3ss_PB Question : Questions about Chow Chows. Serious answers only please ..? Hi all, Before that I owned two chiennes.Le first is a German Shepherd and the other is Rott Terrier Husky .. I trained both myself. They are potty trained and they knew their limits. I used “clicker training”. The German Rott was really easy to train, but the Terrier Husky can be really fun. I managed quoique.Toutefois, I’ll move to Australia, Gold Coast, soon with my best friend (girl) and we would live in a nice townhouse in the suburbs. Just us two, but would be visited by our parents and boyfriend often. We intend to adopt a puppy, one each. (My best friend owns a male Golden Retriever) It has not yet decided on what to get, but I already décidé.Mon boyfriend and I really want a Chow Chow, j ‘I spent weeks researching about them and learning about their attitudes, characters, etc., I am confident and very positive about owning one, but I have some questions.1. I know they are sensitive to heat, would they be ok with the climate in the Gold Coast? 2. Should I get a chow or mixed race? (Because I know they have health problems, which would be on the safer side?) 3. I will be a puppy, should I get her spayed? is it the best? 4. Then a chow chow puppy with another puppy grow and hear? (Since my bestfriend is one too) 5. How old must be Chow when I take him? Please answer the questions that I did my research and I know the advantages and disadvantages. but all the tips on how to care for Chows, please share .. =) Thank you .. xxMeilleure response: Answer by

1. As the puppy will be mainly inside, it’ll be ok.2. If you go through a breeder that tests for genetic diseases, you should be okay. Otherwise, go with a mélange.3. Definitely get her spayed. It will avoid health problems such as pyometra (infected uterus) and cancer. You will not be stuck with puppies that nobody wants. Cost-wise, it will be much less cher.4. Depends on the dogs. If you socialize your puppy with other dogs at an early age, you should have no problème5. 12 weeks of age is really the best time to separate from the mother, but not less than 8 weeks.

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  • put it on water or chew up!

  • 1. I know they are sensitive to heat, would they be ok with the climate in the Gold Coast? I guess it depends if they will be kept indoors or outdoors. If outside, I think to put sunscreen on them, as some sites say about smaller chiens.2. Should I get a chow or mixed race? (Because I know they have health problems, which would be on the safer side?) If I was concerned about health issues, I would get a mixed breed. If you wanted to show, you could get a race pure.3. I will be a puppy, should I get her spayed? is it the best? Unless you are a breeder, yes, get her spayed. Dogs spayed / neutered live longer and are less likely to flee .4. Then a chow chow puppy with another puppy grow and hear? (Since my best friend is getting too) It depends on their personality. If you have an aggressive chow, no. If you have a friendly dog, so of course. It depends on the personnalité.5. How old must be Chow when I take him? Well, it’s easier to teach the puppies, but you have to house train them, train them cage, give them a new name, get the use to you and your home, etc. If you adopt an older dog, much of that hassle is probably finished. And they are less active by age and personality.

  • As the dog was a dog inside it would bien.D a breeder, you should have little or no health problems, because they genetically test their chiens.Oui, as long as you socialize and train any dog ​​can be around other people and animals, no problème.Si you were to get an old chow you must make sure they get along well with other dogs. But you should also bring all the dogs that live with you for a little meet and greet before adopting. Knew The two chows. Simba was really aggressive people, it could be about anyone outside the family. He knew my father from the time he was a puppy and my father walked in one day when he was about 6 months and he attaqué.L other Chow was nicer, but it was not too friendly with people or dogs. But again they probably did not raise them and how best to socialize. This is the key factor.

  • At almost 60, I had all my life and been around dogs ….. Still ….. Including the next smallest in the litter which has evolved into the largest Malamute ever seen anywhere here, and an absolutely huge Great Pyrenees x Anatolian Sheppard cross “rescue dog”. And now, we share the planet with a pair of the most absolutely can kill nearly 100 books and 60 book brother sister X Husky Golden Retriever dogs who have no problem with murder, even the largest marmots and raccoons for the sheer pleasure of it, and were both witnesses to hunt deer halfway up the hollow, catch them and kill them dead. Two dogs that I would trust any child anywhere Once I had a chow. Never again I had long heard about, (and still hear) and had long doubted whether the myths and tales of bad education activity and persons without raising large horror stories about male dogs chows sudden reversal of their owners or anyone who was conveniently close. I doubt most stories as “myth” or “tall tales” Please DO NOT have a chow chow dog, except genetics and requirements of farmers are significantly different to Australia they are here in the U.S.. And please, DO read what Bri said their father being attacked by one of their own chows. My daughter once “found” the most adorable pure white except for his chow — nose, nails, pads, and eyes — We had Puffy for 5 years when one day he was across the creek at the close neighbors being told their goats. I went there for the seek and when I went to him put on his leash he turned abruptly and with a look of absolutely pure and unadulterated, wild uhhhhh is the best I can describe it, he turned to me and I thought it going to kill me with a goat or two neighbors. Not a wink or people. No, he wanted to kill me and nothing else, it might hang on to too. I drug home and ended the threat. Have you, the world of dogs, and the whole world a big favor and get yourself a big mutt/mongrel/pound-puppy/mixed-breed/Heinze57. They are healthier , more experienced, and generally do not suffer from the evils mismanaged, even remote inbreeding can cause. And please, do not be tempted to get the biggest dog you can find. I ‘ not like what anyone tells you, great big dogs to bone cancer and die, and if the cancer does not kill, large heavy large dogs will suffer from their hips essentially disintegrate slowly stress implacable mass execution of much more than the nature of design for.

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