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Quotes about courage and strength: 3 quotes to make you stronger And Braver

Quotes about courage and strength: 3 quotes to make you Braver Stronger And

When we read quotes about courage and strength, we can not help but feel more courageous and stronger than ourselves usual. We feel we can move mountains, the defeat of the rival teams and do things that are found unexpectedly heroic.

The words which are pronounced in the heart often have this effect. If you need a little courage at the moment, why do not we see what some of the most influential people of the world have to say?

Read on for some great quotes about courage and strength

Quote # 1:. . “Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear” – Mark Twain

It is almost impossible to keep our fears to down, especially in the face of our worst nightmare.

However, if there is one thing Mark Twain believed, is that being brave does not mean that we must have a heart of steel -. Only hearts that are willing to put the “if” aside to work
/> Quote # 2:. “God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight. “- Reggie White

The most effective quotes about courage and strength are generally simple and straightforward to the point. Statement

Reggie White, that’s exactly it. Here He reminds us that we can overcome any obstacle life throws at us, as long as we have faith in ourselves.

These seemingly hopeless situations we aim to develop into stronger individuals and if we can not defeat them, then they would not have appeared in our lives first. There is a force within us all. We simply believe that there is

Quote # 3: “.. Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak, courage is also what it takes to sit and listen “- Winston Churchill

This quote on courage and strength teaches us that there are several ways to show our bravery. While some show by rushing fearlessly into the enemy camp, others by pasting it shows the battle where they are.

Courage does not always mean that we must beat our chest like Tarzan, it can also mean opening our minds to what others have to say

. Quotes on courage on the strength inspire us to be more than what we ever thought we could be. They teach us that even in the monotony of everyday life, we can be strong and courageous.

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