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RE: Crate training a puppy 16 weeks old?

Question Breeders sell puppies or better : RE: Crate training a puppy 16 weeks old -_____-‘ I know I should know better than that, but I have never bought an “old” puppy. His breeder said she was “almost 100% trained body,” but he failed to mention that the bark, whine, and cry for hours! I was keeping Emmy in her kennel, as I can not be overstated-it bark and bark and bark Put a chew toy or throw a blanket over the kennel will do nothing, it will do this right? Just ignore it, and c Is that all? I’m almost ready to give him a bark collar and let her know the hard way that the barking is inacceptable.BTW, I * never * had so much trouble with my first puppy. We had to have him 8 weeks and was completely silent for 12 weeks, and put a blanket over the kennel always travaillé.Meilleure response: Answer

by the trainer Shepherd ~ ~ FIGHT BSL Let
barking his head off until she calms down … it will happen ….. eventually … my Rottweiler and youth were APBT Satan disguised to form body, but they caught the end. My old APBT and GSDS were angels, each dog is différent.Vous just have to bite the bullet and bare, completely ignore it. If you turn and give any kind of attention, she managed to do what she wanted your attention.

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  • My Pap puppy could do that. I found that if I put the cage on my bed near my head so that he was near me and I could see helped me and then I slowly moved further until that it is where I wanted to.

  • just do not make eye contact with the dog. let her cry until she eventually falls if it does not work, comfort and let it lay on your lap or near you, and when she sleeps, she lay in her kennel. .. Maybe if your dog is already trained other cases, you can let the puppy be also an example for the new, and show him what it is supposed to

  • Do not use a bark collar! They are really cruel, especially for a young puppy. Imagine someone or electric spraying you in the face with something awful each time you tried to talk about something or voice that you are anxious! You do it well. But it does not always need to be in the box! Put it in the night and after feedings. Once you feed her pop in the box and must sleep on a full stomach. When she wakes up and begins to whine, outside and let it take its business. Then let her back inside, you do not need to put her back in the box encore.Hope That help …

  • Each puppy trains at their own pace, so it does not matter what your puppy others have done. Put the box near the bed, leave the night light on so she can see you and be reassured, you did not give up. Play a CD or a soothing radio until she sleeps. Do not engage the barking. It could actually be reaching the age where she thinks she is quite potty trained, she does not need the cash, but I would still like to use it for another month or two. I think I win the “no barking” war around 4 to 5 months old, is still somewhat low. I agree with you, it is easier to train puppies as soon as you get them from the breeder, get them where they are older takes longer to train, not impossible just takes longer. If the farmer does not give the puppy a lot of human contact, it takes longer too. Maybe an old T-shirt with your scent on it in the box might work. I have a flat pillow dog, blanket, food and water and toys, bones or carrots for teething, it is probably too dentition. Hold on, you’re going through.

  • Exactly as if it was 10 weeks … or 20! Teach shuddup *!!!! * What is your malfunction? Really, I’m serious as a heart attack … Why not send more, SLAM your fist on the Crate & shuddup cry?? Add all the profanity you choose .. train, it takes a long discipline.N have you never learned anything any dog ​​*? Are you afraid? Wub than you? Where a responsible adult?

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