Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Remote Electronic Dog Training – How will dog perform without collar on? How will perform without their remote electronic collar on? our dogs I went to the dog park to find out. This is a very unpl … Video Rating: 4/5

Learn how to train to do a solid ‘Get going on’ your dog. All positive clicker trained dogs. No need for power during training! Creates an enthusiastic worker …

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  • the dumbasses recording were so jealous of your dog …

  • Funny, my dogs (e-collar trained) freeze like a rabbit burst out and took off. They are trained to stop in such a situation, so they do not get shot. Amazing what you do when you actually get the bank can train a dog off.

  • Laziness is a lifestyle? WTH is that supposed to mean? (Man with the girl that the video it said.) Dog looked great though.

  • Nash looks great. I have worked with the police K9’s for several years and under a man named Tracy Bowling before he died have trained. I believe that e-collars have a place, but I still see you a lanyard with either keys or a remote in your hand and Nash nows this. I myself want the dog to me and not obeyt the collar. I believe that forced or compulsory training is the best, because that’s what dogs do in a pack in the wild. I am the alpha dog and the dog must obey ME, not a collar.

  • nash would you sell?

  • wahahaha you please do that, let out a rabbit in a dog park and make sure you have the video on youtube I want to see I want to see I want to see!

  • Leave a rabbit run we will see … 😉

  • Really should have taken you to take the video. Someone

  • Great workout but the girl who loved the camera was very immature.

  • happy are the children that this camera stolen the images uploaded to youtube lol

  • try less shake shake shake digital camera

  • well done!

  • Very sharp! Impressive.

  • Thanks for subtitling of videos. 🙂 I appreciate them as a deaf person / owner of the dog.

  • Guys, you dog behavioral problems do not have to be difficult (I used to feel it did). I’ll give you some advice now. Look for a dog training program called Xobodog Training (search on google). Seriously, thanks Xobodog Training I have my dog ​​into the perfect dog pal. I probably would not even mention it because I do not want a lot of other guys out there running the same “game” but whatever, I’m in a good mood today, so I’ll share the wealth haha.

  • My dog ​​grabs the item and then drops it. I can not hold him: (

  • Meaningful. Thanks for the comment, great video!

  • There are many ways to fade the treats. Start by replacing other rewards, they use them (remove selecting only the ‘best’) intervals, prema cking behavior. Eventually, the apport chain of behaviors is the reward in itself, like many dogs love to retrieve.

  • Stop when you treat them? What happens if you are hunting day forget the treats? Thanks

  • Well I know that the mother was full of Golden Lab, but the father jumped into the backyard one night and no one saw him. It has exactly the same color and pattern as yours did.

  • Her mother was a German Shepherd mix, her father probably a miniature pinscher (terrier). She is 32 pounds and about 21 inches at the shoulder. Quite similar in body shape and color to an Australian Kelpie except a lighter bones. (Her face and ears are certainly not Kelpie). Her behavior certainly terrier without the intensity. No herding instinct evident and has high prey drive for rats, birds and squirrels.

  • Someone tell me what kind of dog it is. The same as my dog.

  • Try a smaller object or one that has a different texture. The easier you can make it, the more successful it will be.

  • My 4m old retriever will become reliable nose for the ball, but no progress will put his mouth around it or pick it up. Any suggestions?

  • Try upping the value of your treats and / or train in a small room so it’s better to get it back for you then walk away (nowhere to go). Once the dog is successful there, to limit, where the dog can go. Train in something bigger room or block space in a larger space Good luck!

  • Question ……. dog will grab and hold bumper, but once I let go, they walk away with. Suggestions? Put them on a leash? Thank you!

  • You definitely have a wonderful rapport with dogs, brilliant stuff, our Rupert is a bit cocky (to be honest, he’s only 20 months old), but we love him :-). Brilliant videos you have here, they are very informative, all the best Birmingham England … Cheers!

  • Yes! Start from scratch. In fact, I would probably start shaping the grip of a wing than a wing on a bumper than two wings on either side of the bumper, then a whole bird. You will find that gnerally the process is much faster than the first time through. Challenges you face are the dog does not want the dummy (some dogs do not like fat birds) or the dog mouthing hard to keep it. Form the hold and train with micro steps so you can succeed. Dog Enjoy! D

  • My (American) Cocker Spaniel, also a rescue, is well on its way to retrieve, (see my video). I wonder, will they get a chuckar, but how and when should I use the clicker training to the bird? I actually have to start over with a bird, step by step? Thank you!

  • Thanks for the feedback. it might encourage others to try! this approach D

  • Just wanted to say a huge thank you to the creator of this video. I have a 23 month old Working Cocker Spaniel. She is directly bred from hunting lines, both her mother and father excel in the field. Shes the first dog I have owned and is unfortunately very possessive so we went into battle just trying to get a ball with a play. I was desperate for some hunting training start with her, and you have been my savior! After two weeks she will continue as I throw the bumper, and get down to deliver 🙂

  • A very nice video! That’s what I needed! Thank you for charing this!

  • brilliant! great job breaking down the behavior! I’m doing a behavior pick / carry, this will be very helpful with that!

  • Thanks.Mijn puppy was not so interested in his toys and certainly not when retrieving them. Within two days of staring clicker he is going out like a rocket and picking up his toys and deliver it to my hand.Ik’m not really bother with the ‘present’ or end only because if this video helped him get into a ‘play mode’. Eventually I will fade out of the clicker and I think he will be motivated by the game instead of eating enough.

  • Because a play retrieve is very different from trained retrieve. if you want reliable and accurate delivery, you have to train. If you do not mind the dog throw at you, before dropping it to your hand, chewing the bumper or bird etc, a play fetch prima.En is yes, it will retrieve its own reward and you can use it to reward different behavior. (Unless of course, involved other issues, such as the desire to hunt and chew a bird, etc.). Prema Cking helps overcome.

  • This is very good, but I feel stupid clicker to train my Retriever, wander, to pick! Should not be getting reward yourself why we need to introduce food? Having said that, the dog will learn to enjoy the apport and not to wait for the food reinforcement?

  • Glad it’s working for you. Of course, you may need to change or add and jump over some steps. Every dog ​​is a little different. Sounds like fun!

  • @ Supernaturalbc2009 so I’ve been working on this with Legend. At first b / c I was using a plush bumper he wanted to try and play tug when I held it. I would just get up and walk away and try again. He soon got the draw will not click and no treat and no attention. «Something he can not stand. Lol. But this tutorial is definitely working. Using a high-pitched “hurry” when I see he is slowly recovering some pep in his step. 🙂

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