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Rottweiler Puppy Training


This is BooBoo my 6 month old puppy doing his training.

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  • You sir are a muppet!

  • If more rotti owners were like this, actually taking the time to train their dog, then they would not be half as much of the bad press they do …

  • I would not recommend them difficult dogs to check whether elevated bad

  • wow ur a good trainer I really want to raise a Rottweiler to be a good companion and protector, but at what age should i get a rottweiler, because I want to socialize with my 4 cats who are friendly and good to my friends and family and will know when to attack

  • cute dog!

  • I realized that owning a dog for having children is probably the way to go.

  • hi, ive never had a dog, and I want a rottweiler, Dzou this a good idea?

  • : D And you could learn everything within 6 months? I must learn your ways Beastmaster way of the west!

  • dogs look when you open the doors so they knoe to jump and hit the legs

  • really like this video. <3

  • ummm your dog looks sad you’re already hitting the

  • LOVE the light trick!

  • I hate to be the first to say this, but well …. IT’S SO FLUFFAY; D

  • Excellent video! Your Rotti is precious!

  • So great, they are just great and smart dogs. How do you start them off on these tricks, because I get my first rottie next month and wound like to know.

  • my rottweiler is currently in the teething stage and I was wondering if I should train its

  • So nice to see that people still have their dogs to train and are responsible … <3

  • Really?? You’re stuck over the name? GTFO!

  • Well done to all the hard work that you have in your dog. Keep it up!

  • Wow! How cool! Thanks for sharing.

  • 2:05 gotta love the face man .. lolz

  • My 3 month old female German rottie is already and determines. She does not understand remain. What impresses me is that they began to bark and watch over me as I focal seizures. I lost a male rottie who warned me great shopping. Amore will my dog ​​PTSD. We have to wait until she has her last booster before I can start public socialization.

  • Please be part of your training secrets … I get my first puppy (purebred rottie) to myself next week .. So I can train him on my way without people confuse him. He will be 8 weeks old and I want to train him to be just like yours. You think it’s the fact that you have other trained dogs that hes sooo great?? I love you BooBoo 🙂

  • its never too late

  • How do you do that? I got a rottweiler she is 4 months now, it’s too late to start training her?

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