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Salvation. I have an Amstaff 19 months old and a 7 month Bitsa.?

Question : Hi. I have an Amstaff 19 months old and a 7 month Bitsa.? My amstaff, I’ve had since she was 6 weeks and never (outside of “toilet training”) has had problems with it. It has a cage in my room (next to my bed), whom she had a puppy since she likes to sleep and it was his “refuge” when we have visitors … (shes a wimp sometimes). My Bitsa I saved from a man when she was 2 weeks (drowning), and became his new mom. Fortunately, my amstaff fell in love with her too, and when my Bitsa was old enough to his guest in his cage (all its end, I had no choice lol). and, of course, the cage is big enough for 3 dogs comfortably (I did not want my amstaff be crushed if she grew too big). I’m home with my dogs all day, I go, they go. I take them for walks in the evening to meet my husband at work that takes us about two hours, after breaks, water. They have so many toys, so, so, of everytimes I walk into a pet store I get something. They are fed twice a day and even gives you the bones to the vet recommended. They were in puppy pre-school . They are so well socialized, my daughter and her two cousins ​​to play with them every day, I take them in the pet store and they are known by name. I must say they may look very spoiled, but they are very well behaved (except for the issue to come). They had all their shots, get to run around our backyard and inside as they veulent.Ok sorry … heres the boring intro Now the question ….. Because the bottom of the cage is “metal” I was having my pooches comfortable so I bought a mattress for her dog. Been absolutely no problems until about 2 months earlier. Darling Bitsa decided she wants to grind up the bed …. I replaced the cover and a duvet cover …. she rips and tears up the bed. J ‘ trying to covers and yup it tearing. I try a piece of foam mattresses old and yes a day is shredded (actually 30 minutes while I took a bath). She also pulled up 2 belts Security in my car ($ 300 later), and began to gnaw my wood furniture. But wait theres more. Note that I say my Bitsa? I got sick of my husband that if she does continue the cut out ” shes gone. “Well, I decided to test a theory. While I was at the vet Bitsa is speyed I decided to have breakfast and coffee & see when I went to my room, the bed was torn. Yup rubbed my nose in her hubbies and shut about anyone goin anywhere. So not only is it one, but deux.J have read this ……. http: / / / animals / dogs / tips / destructive_chewing.html and decided to not help her. I can not even say it’s a “teething problem”. Sorry for the length, but ideas / help I would appreciate it so much. Ana πŸ™‚ Best answer: Answer

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Give him chew toys or bones in the body. Buy a sturdy dog ​​bed that is made for dogs that chew.

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  • you say that there is, without a mattress, then you must return to base for some time without bedding for them after all i use newspaper for bedding him, no matter if the rip that up, a party could Borden be, so I also get a toy pet shop from which you can skip the food in it and try that and when your night, my dogs know when bedtime when they see me make love there and charger going to bed. also for furniture, try to get spray against fleas and use, the dogs do not like it and stay away, do not use the jet for joint training as a non you see this dog is starting to rip things you need to discipline them at that time, but I think boredom and anxiety when you are not there, so try toy idea alimentairebonne luck

  • I know I’m the one who will save you from your problem ….. check things out of wood here ..

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