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Service dog laws in PA?

Question by evhirth: Service dog laws in PA?

I have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia syndrome (POTS) which causes me to faint and have severe dizziness/vertigo along with numerous other symptoms. I was recommended by a friend that has the same disease and already has a service dog that I should train mine as one. I have started the basic training but I wanted some clarification on some of the laws. I have trained dogs before and also have a trainer that is helping me although she is out of town for a couple days and thought I would throw this out here.

I have to this point trained him very good obedience, but I need to proof him with public situations. He is beginning task work but is not fool proof by any means…

I understand that no true certification is needed, but there are some that are recommended. What are these and in what order should they be obtained?

At what point can I begin taking the dog into public places as a “service dog in training”? I have a vest that identifies him as a service dog in training and to not pet etc. And i was thinking of calling a couple local businesses to make sure that i can take him, is this appropriate or should I do other procedures? (just take him in etc).

Advice is greatly appreciated!

BTW: I have read the laws, but I am not sure how they pertain to service dogs in training and how I should go about everything without stepping on toes…. It seems that no information out there gives me a straight answer for PA, one says I need this and that, one says I need nothing and as long as the dog is safe and will not eliminate in public I can take him into public even as a SDIT.

Best answer:

Answer by sunbunnie72
You need to be diagnosed of a disability by a doctor who will stand by you and write a letter stating as much.
There are a lot of things that you should have done before you take you dog in public. Yes you really should have your dog certified, so the ADA will stand behind you if you are denied entry to a business.
Only certain trainers can test your dog and its skills to do what will assist you in your disability. NO any trainer cannot do this test. I recommend getting a CGC test done on your own before you set out to find a trainer. These trainer have very high standards and don’t just help anyone with a dog. It can not just be a companion dog he or she must work.. Then with their approval. They will issue you a special tag and vest service dog in training. Then you will need to start to train your dog in public which is not an easy job… Also you need logs of time trained. You need a certain amount of hours with a cert SD trainer. I would not take your dog in public without a SSD cert. trainer putting their name on you dog.
Also just because you have a vest does not mean it is the correct one to allow entry in public. Just becasue you freind has a SD and is allowed entry this does mean you will be allowed entry.

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