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Shih-Tzu Learning Shake-a-Paw Dog Trick Watch as I teach my Shih-Tzu Macy the Shake-a-Paw dog trick using a training clicker and some tasty dog treats. Clicker dog training is the best way to teach your dog tricks. Get a free content packed email newsletter here:

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  • can my 15-years-old shih tzu learn this? Or it’s too late?

  • Would it work if you do it without a clicker or a pen? Just using your voice? I’d like to start that with my 11 month old Shih tzu… but is she too late to train?

  • Wow!! I’m definitely gonna try this on my Shih tzu… Thanks so much!

  • aww i have a shih tzu puppy but its a mix its called a shipo

  • Awesome video!

  • thanks to this my dog learn this trick and it took only a day. @annjhe29 try giving ur dog a tiny bit of cheese for treats.

  • @CombatProz501

    hiii 🙂
    yeah i have the same problem. but you can use a pen. or as some people do if you have an ipod touch or anything like that there is an app for that on it. it works the same but i would suggest buying a clicker from your local pet store.
    hope i helped 🙂 best of luck.

  • my dog learned! and it only took 2 days!

  • Your Dog is very Clever !

  • What if you don’t have a clicker??

  • this really helped my dog and now he can also do Hi-five its soo cute and funny thanks soo much 🙂 

  • I just have a shih tzu and I don’t know what treats he likes. What treats do u give ur dog? 🙂

  • Excellent! ~Pat

  • @meankid16 u could give him/her a toy or maybe just try petting him/her.
    And maybe the next time u see ur vet, ask about some healthy treats that might fade into ur dogs liking. That same thing happened to my dog

  • hay what is that in your hand(do not treat than others?)

  • @DogTrainingTricks where can you get that clicky thing and what are those snacks called?


  • THANK U! :D

  • why do you need a clicker??

  • When I try to lift my shihtzus paw up, she just like, kind of jumps away and wont let me touch it….Any advice?

  • hey that looks like my lost dog tommy that i lost in may 09 he looks just like him

  • What does the clicker do when you click it? Does it shock her or something?

  • did you do this in one day???

  • Thanks for your question – the Shake a Paw only took us a couple of days to learn. It’s a pretty simple trick really and Macy already knew a fair few other tricks before this one.

    All the best with your dog.

  • how long did this take you :P?

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