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Should I forget to buy a poodle and a little rescue?

question Man ™ : Should I forget to buy a poodle and a little rescue I want to save, but the dogs they have for the rescue generally old, not only that, but I want a specific breed, where I live, they have no poodles in the book. Can someone please give me the positives of saving a dog, in addition to the obvious: “No potty training”, “They will not put down”, “This is cheaper “. Best answer:

Answer by Mimi
Old dogs need a home too. Do not discriminate! prissy How you speak ! Save a life. It is not enough positive

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  • I urge you to contact a rescue poodle specific. You may have to wait longer to get the dog, but they can put you on a list and call you when a dog that suits your desires comes in. You can save without having to give a young dog! Dogs Rescue:, Have-Have been socialized tested, so you know if its good with children and other animals-Were-tested health are spayed, neutered and have all their shots-Tend to have a training (not just clean, but obedience, manners home base)-Fewer surprises in general even with a dog years, you have a much better idea of ​​what you take home

  • yes 100%, its much, much better adopt. Have you ever heard of puppy mills? maybe you should look at. for a client to obtain a “specific” race as you want, they have these helpless dogs sit in cages get diseases, get abused and starved. what they are used for is the race and nothing more. then they die. his torture.

  • Search poodle rescue in your area. You will be surprised.

  • You should definently get a rescue dog. It’s really not about the appearance of his thought. Instead of simply abandoning a dog in a rescue center to take them home and care. regardless of their age, they will love the day when you have until the day you do not. So please do not hold back and save a shelter dog as they really need to make you believe there is a documentary called Earthlings on youtube you need to watch it. and some people still put dogs in the gas chamber that its really horrible cruel people and I can not stand it, I hate them so well.

  • There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting a particular breed of dog, and since you have not found what you are looking for in shelters or rescue, then the logical thing to do is find a reputable breeder (by through the parent or your local breed club poodle). People are bombarded with guilt today not to give up what they want and instead of cleaning damage, most people looking for a dog had nothing to do with creation. Of course, if you just want to “dog” and rescue is the way to go, but do not let anyone try to guilt you into a dog you never wanted in the first place

  • Not all dogs in shelters are old and you can find pure bloods too. It turns out that the young purebloods go faster. Just look around and you will surely find someone to fall in love with. If anything, one of the main positive aspects of rescue, it is the feeling of self-satisfaction that you get to save a life that would have otherwise not had the chance. In addition, what do you consider old? Many people will not get a dog just because it has 3 years and believe that this is old – which is not the case.

  • This is a great thing to do. All dogs want a home and want to be loved. I know it’s nice to have a cute new puppy you’ve always dreamed of, but all dogs are cute and just want love. If you look around you may be able to find a puppy in your local book, I did. Just keep looking around and checking back. Maybe ask people at the pound if they have some sort of waiting list where you can put your name on the list for the next available puppy reçoivent.Je they know that you really race specific but just think how happy you can make another dog who just wants a nice home and someone to love and be loved par.Dieu bless you.

  • same thing happened to me! I wanted to save a husky and I do not wan’t to support breeders or pet stores when huskies are put down! I suggest looking online as Petfinder rescues. I ended up waiting 6 months for a husky and I saved a rescue shippped abroad and it was the best thing that ever happened to me! Just keep looking, the day will come and when it does so it will be more rewarding to know that you saved his life than buying a dog.

  • Think rescue – but realize how rescue resources over there beyond the “book”. Here are two: currently nearly 4,000 poodles and poodle mixes in the list, search your location to find one near vous.Ou click on your state: http://www.poodleclubofamerica .org / pcarf.htm to find specific breed rescues in your région.Croyez me, the dogs are there, it’s just a matter of finding them.

  • You could give a dog a better life. A large number of dogs in shelters have been abused or have lived terrible lives in the streets. Please take <3

  • There is nothing wrong with wanting to get a puppy, just do not buy from a pet store because it is more likely to give you problems burglary. You do not know if any of these rescue dogs everyone is talking about a pet. Buy from a reputable breeder who does evaluations, genetic testing, and displays the new owners. It will cost more, but worth it in the long terme.Si you have an adult dog and he is not potty trained, do you think it will be easy? Think about it.

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