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Should I get a Belgian Tervuren or German Shepherd as a Personal Protection Dog?

question Urn : Should I get a Belgian Tervuren or German Shepherd as a Personal Protection Dog I’m buying a guard dog of one of the four races; shepherd German, Belgian Tervuren, Doberman and Rottweiler. I currently excluded Rottweiler because of their nature stubborn. I have not completely ruled out that my first dog Dobermans protection, but I lean strongly in the direction of German shepherd or Belgian Tervuren.Je am a very dominant and I love dogs. I want a dog that is very protective and sensative manager. I would like to find a dog that is excited to work with me. Based on my requirments and personality, which is the best solution? If you do not like “Any dog ​​will protect you, even without training.” This is simply not true. Merci.Meilleure response:

Answer by Rodney Brock
I recommend a Belgian Tervuren. GSDs are great, but there are so many of them and they are so overbred!

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  • Malninois race is Belgian military uses of the United States, and they are used for the protection and sense of smell. Been around some of these dogs, and they are beaux.L Akita is a good choice because Akita not bark much. It is in their DNA, they attack like a ninja. This race was used by emperors and samurai in Japan for hundreds of years .. Just two more races to consider …

  • I recommend the German shepherd. They are used very com manly as police dogs. I also used to have one and he was very intelligent and protective. It is out of my house and attacked the neighbors dog because he saw the dog bites me when he looked out the window for me avant.Je know it is not the same as defending against a human intruder, but fortunately he never had to defend myself against a human intruder.

  • German Shepherd Dog is a large and very loyal / protection if adequate training. Any dog ​​you have lots and lots of training needs – it is a given animal, but make great German Shepherd. We have golden retrievers, but our neighbor shepherd and the dog is a friendly dog, but remains close to his master.

  • Hi FranceLes the two are good protector, it is YOUR choice! Pick up from your feeling so … We can not do it for you, désoléHave a nice day, Cat.

  • Whatever race you choose these four to make sure it does not cause a problem with your insurance. Most companies now have a list of races that will not give you insurance or they will cancel your insurance

  • As you go down the career path or route schutzhund then one of them. I am not the rottie is stubborn – far from it – in fact, they love to work and love to please if you have a very dominant personality yourself, this could be a working breed a little têtu.Il is a nice balance.

  • both are great. so just choose one!

  • Since this wil be your first dog personal protection, you are probably working with a trainer or club training. Talk to your trainer. In general, I think you’ll find it easier to find a GSD that is the right match for your personality. With more than GSDs be high for sports protection and work, there is a larger number in most areas géographiques.La Most people I know who work Tervs do it because they love Tervs and participate in a wider variety of events ie, the dog can work in personal protection or protection sprots, but is also active in agility, breeding, or obedience. It is not that they are more versatile than GSDs, is that the people who tend to like getting the race for themselves, and not in a situation where “any race will do if she suits my personality. ” They tend to want a Terv they “click” with to be the best in a variety of things, not a Terv because it will be the best at any particular job.

  • A Belgian Tervuren is an excellent choice! They are big and strong but also elegant and graceful.

  • I love Belgian Tervurens! The Belgian Tervuren is one of four Belgian Sheepdogs. A very bright and obedient dog, they are determined and watchful with strong protective and territorial instincts.

  • My vote is for a Belgian Tervuren! Intelligent, courageous and alert, the Belgian Tervuren is marked by its commitment to work and family life. Elegant in appearance, the color of the Belgian Tervuren is a red fawn fawn rich mahogany. The Terv owes its name to the Belgian village of Tervuren, the home of MF Corbeel a devotee beginning of the race. Excel in obedience competitions and agility, this breed is also an excellent therapy or guide dog for the disabled, as well as being outstanding at their original work livestock. Belgian Tervuren is On known in his home country as beige Shepherd Dog. Before the industrial era, farmers of Belgium had a great need for a general-purpose farm dog. The protective instinct of these dogs to ensure the safety of the operation and the family, and their breeding capabilities contributed to the daily maintenance of the park. With industrialization, the farm dog in rural areas has become less important, but continued to be venerated Terv as a family companion.

  • Depends. I Belgian Sheepdog (Groenendael Tervueren and) … and it really depends on what you want from a guard dog is personnelle.Il lines Tervueren and Groenendael who suffer from weak temperament, so if you are looking for a Tervueren, as a guard dog individual to train professionally, as in Schutzhund level, French Ring or IPO training, you will need to look very carefully, because there are very few breeders in the world that consistently produce Tervueren in that capacity. In this case, a malinois a good breeder would be a much, much better choix.Si you are simply looking for a dog that will protect you, and a much higher Tervueren (again be critical temperament when you look for the right dog) will most likely do instinctively, as they were bred not only for livestock, but to protect livestock. My Tervueren certainly did. My Groenendael is still young and a bit softer, so even if it keeps the property with force, I can not tell if she wanted to protect me or not. Not that it is any work you should look façon.Que a BSD or GSD … it depends on you, your personality and the quality of a dog trainer you are. Belgians are more difficult to handle and less indulgent manager errors than the Germans. I know GSD experienced managers who got their first Malinois who were completely taken by surprise at how different it was to form an evil compared to a GSD.La formation of a typical Belgian race is like walking on a fine line, to be too hard on him and he does not want to cooperate, being too soft on him and he will walk all over you, while the GSD will give you leeway a little more. If you are unable to find the right balance with your BSD, it can be just as stubborn as a Rottweiler. So, be realistic about your experience training dogs and their abilities, and not read about various training methods, so that you prêt.Les two BSD and GSD are intensive and sensitive manager, but the Belgians are so overly . If you get this symbiotic relationship with your BSD – then is it something for you? There is a saying that it is “always once BSD BSD BSD BSD one time or never again.” I know that military dog ​​handlers who have gone anyway: from GSD BSD and never look back, but I also know of some who tried BSD and went directly to GSDs, due to the intensity and setting BSD.BSD owner must also be mentally and physically more active than GSDs, if you need to take into consideration your daily schedule. These are dogs that are behind the Border Collie when it comes to activity levels. BSD systems have less health problems as a natural breed the GSDs, but you must always keep an eye on hip dysplasia. Tervueren and Groenendael Groenendael in particular, have some problems with epilepsy, but epilepsy is a disease that is relatively easy to eliminate lines, so if you have your dog from a good breeder that checks for it, then it should ‘t be a problème.En brief: – The working line GSDs tend to be noisier than BSD systems. – GSDs ripen quickly mentally BSD. GSDs with you often enough mature, sensitive dog 12-18 months. With BSD, do not expect to have until 24-36 months old. – BSD naturally dominant dog and will have a high incidence in this breed. More than GSDs. – With the gregarious BSD is closer to the surface than GSDs, so if you have a puppy, it is expected to deal with both mouth puppy nips and livestock. – For Tervueren, you must be more careful about checking the dogs temperament when choosing a dog with GSD. It will be much more difficult to find a Tervueren for the high level of protection then find a GSD. – You can get amazing results with the formation of BSD, but it all depends on your handling skills. – It is easier to train a GSD of BSD.

  • I’m training for protection work, and dogs that you mentioned, I must say that the German shepherd. I like Dobermans, and they can do the job perfectly, they are super intelligent, etc, but they just do not have the same performance as the DLG. However, I saw another responder suggested that the Malinois. I like the Malinois. The sheriff’s department. I was working to replace their retired dogs with Mals, and the difference is noted! These are beautiful dogs, hit hard and fast, has a wonderful temperament, and their short coat means less hassle than tervuren. Mals also have less health problems than the GSD, and on average live longer / have a longer career. The Mals are a little more energetic and wirey the GSD, but I learned to love watching them work. Sky (Mal) K9 is my favorite, it’s amazing in his work, and loves children. The dog of my uncle Dana (GSD) is very strong for his work as a protector of the house and I am extremely impressed by the man who has made up. It is up to you to decide what breed of dog would be best for your lifestyle, but the Malinois is definitely a race to check.

  • Let me give you your answer and then some. Choose a German shepherd or a Belgian Malinois. I raised both. German Shepherds are good dogs around. But I say, if you want a guard dog, you will pay for it. They are acutually kinds german shepherd, working type, showing the type. You want a different type of work. They have a strong prey drive, floppy ball, player protection and obedience. I raise, train and breed German Shepherds. I owned work and show, and yes you can definitely tell a difference. The police do not just go out and buy a dog news paper. They get quailty dogs, those bred for these traits I just metioned. I have a puppy newcomer of the working class. It will be high in May. He is 5 months old and is already trained in the German orders and working Schutzhund now. He knows headquarters, platz, blipe ect. Belgian Malinois is a dog person and a German shepherd run every day of the week. I warn you that they are stubborn, if you do not have the time or effort to work with her every day, do not have one. My shepherds go anywhere from $ 1300 – $ 2000 depending on the parents. Look more Online Shepherds work they have to vendre.http :/ / are many more sites, just search for work Shepherds online. Personally, I do not have a website. But if you need me contact me

  • The Tervuren is not suitable as a guard dog real world, in my opinion. I saw them compete in FR and they do it well, but I’ve never seen a serious problem (not saying it does not exist, but if you managed to find a landlord who know what he had, and charge you an arm and both legs). Same with the Doberman, I consider them equally inadequate. They carry a reputation they have earned in the 50s and 60s and they are simply not the same dog. Before you had breeding Schutzhund title. When this rule was pulled back past Dobies first working dogs of lookalikes black and tan hound people with type 2 only Labrador.Sur these are still an option. The Rottweiler can be found easily temperament and adequate training. They are difficult to breed GSDs, I agree, and I contend that for a guard dog first manager Rottie drive might not be the best choice.The German shepherd dog was the No. 1 Police because it is very beginnings 100 years ago. Their legacy of work has been preserved by “work online” dogs. They come from working parents called, they are hip xrayed and certified, you have dogs that will almost always be in fairly good health and leads enough to do the job aka Good examples are easy to find at affordable prices. Line GSD is a working dog, the breed and the line of medium hardness and medium-high drive. Good examples are the dogs that are not serious “play” bite, bite the will to win a fight. They defend their manager seriously and does not bite on prey / play discs. For me it is the best dog for protection. For me it is the best working dog global.Quelqu a said a Belgian Malinois. I think most bitework treated as a game very rough tug. I do not want a dog who sees biting killing potential as a game Malinois do good work seriously, they are a little harder to find, but they are stellar dogs. But the disc skips all medium and all high springs! These are dogs that you normally would not want to have free rein of your home. While a few months ago I had a 2 year old male Mal was as calm as could be and still do a good job … the reality is that it is the exception and not the règle.Vote: Line Working German Shepherd Dog.

  • I answered your question in depth with several links. Somehow it was not publié.Désolé was perhaps too longGSD Line work is my vote. My current 7 GSDs, GSD is a man from the line of work, and I have never seen or owned a dog more perfectly obéissant.L attitude of trained dog depends entirely on who and how it was formed to start. I saw a black GSD puppy from a shelter, mislabeled food away from aggressive attitude was the happiest about doing his obedience commands. I liked to have known who and how it was formed. He really liked them when he demande.Découvrez training video Michael Ellis on the Leerburg website. His new salary at the moment the command is completed training. He seminars across the country too. Maybe in your area, but not my favorite site mien.Voici GSD:, even for the experienced owner GSDInscrivez up to the newsletter. short training video was coming elle.Leerburg with a multitude of excellent training DVD s. worht every penny. Gets the job done and coach aussi.Vous must be a pack leader like your entire household with these dogs or they do not respect those who do not like it is here that the Rottweiler is now. He does not respect its owner so you read it as “stubborn.” It is not. The owner has the problem, not chien.Apportez a pack leader and watch and listen Rottie that hit its mark! Here is the database for all dogs Pedigree German: The GSDs have a large area on the visithttp :/ / / If the ancestors of your choice is not in the database to move to another éleveur.Vérifiez if your choice of breeder knows Mylopathy degenerative test. His recent this past year and their dogs / puppies should have been tested. If they do not know or have not been tested to move to another breeder. That you have chosen is not jour.Une once you get on the “grapevine” of GSD, you find a dog perfectly suited to your needs. Its up to you to know how to treat, train and care for a dog that you will always remember as the best dog you’ve ever possédé.Je never forget our first time, a GSD with American ancestory with ROMs and Champions to the kazoo. I never thought any GSD would excel. My current working male GSD line finally realized that (5 inbetween the two). Everyone who meets him and remembers years later questioned him, asking him questions, etc. There has never been a strange fauna, dog, person or child. But may choose the villain “in a crowd instantly and allows them to know .. This is what you are looking for. A German team nerved online working GSD. Do not even think the American GSDs they do not have what it takes. The prey drive trained player combat is what you are looking for. Very rare, even in German GSDs. Rare to trainers. Leerburg deals with this topic. These dogs are serious security locations not for simple protection in a normal family. Get a GSD shelter for it. They will protect you all enough for your besoins.Prenez your time. An GSD will be with you for the next 12 years. I hope I will not feed your ego, but your need.

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