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Should I invite to my sweet 16?

question ForeverMusicFreak : Should I invite to my sweet 16 Ok This girl joined my class this year and it was an instant friendship click! But gradually over time increasingly told me to talk to piss people. And finally, before a long weekend I faced. I said that people have asked me to talk to her, and she asked that essentially demanded to know, I said this is not serious, and then she said she knew she pissed ** people, it was his nature and it wasn ‘t going to stop, she went on the bus with great sourire.J have given it the extreme cold shoulder when she asked what happening, I told my classmates are like family, 3 years together! She said she was désolée.2 months later, she slowly began to piss me off too much! And while he was on vacation outside say Noël.Ma New Year’s resolution was to stop this, I have and I am happy with the results, but that’s the problem!: My birthday in March, have 16 years ( YAY) and I want to invite all the girls in my class, but I’ve had more than once, and it scared my cat so badly that he barfed (it is very old and can not really handle it !) and I tried to “train” my dog ​​by hitting it with a roll of paper, and I do not want to invite. So do I invite and be, or try to hide some of its part.Elle also know that my birthday is, I can not say that it is Juillet.Meilleure response: Response

by Lawlz Do not
. Hook up with another nutjob.

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  • If your guest as a class, you can not exclude it. You will need to invite, and if it does things that upset you or others in your party (if it has enough sense that habit) and then confront it.

  • Tell him the truth. His behavior bothers you and you do not want to hurt his feelings, but it is your birthday and you can invite and not invite anyone you want to tell him that you still want to work on your friendship, but it will sit on the it and if you hear better next year, it will be on the top of the guest list. If she rags on you for that, well you know you’ve made the right choice.

  • NO tell him that you can not have a sweet 16 if you invite all the other girls ant gunna come because the girl t shit so if you want one person to come to your party not invite paspost-script – maby tell your mom wont let come because for many people

  • Wow, this is a tough decision :/ I’ll probably have the same problem for my sweet 16. But I think you’d be happier not inviting but in the end, it will probably have something crazy and start with you … if you want to be ready for it. But if you ask, you’ll have to put up with it to your advantage .. and who knows, it may start there stuff to other people. I do not know what is better to do, if you think she will do something stupid to ruin your party, just do not.

  • Hi, I know it can be frustrating trying to get your dog to behave well when you want. I tried several times and got no results. I wanted my dog ​​to be able to hang with the family all the time and not destroy things when we were out. Things have gotten much better since I use a more structured and easier to train my dog. I hope you have much better luck this year!

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