Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

  • Huskies are intelligent dogs, they are easy to train. You need to start early. Like other dogs, they can be trained to walk and do things without a leash. It is never the dog, they are human beings. It depends on how long you are willing to give for training your puppy.

  • I never met a husky owner ever let their dogs run free in an enclosed space something like our fenced in dog park. Each of them was afraid of their escape artist would do exactly that. Even a trained dog should not trust where you can let your attention wander to while they are off leash. What trainer should have said was .. All dogs can be trained, some better than others! And believe me, you do not want to be the owner of Siberia, which was 70% reliable and fled and got hit by a car during a phase of 30% reliable Husky.

  • Mine is very very friendly and loyal, and it was very easy to train, I let off the lead for twenty minutes to run on a fleet of five minutes and it merges with the other dogs in the park commande.Tout returns depends on the dog, I would not put it near a cat, because he may try to kill mine tried to do it every time he sees a chat.Vous can let s ‘leash, if they trust you and you make them confiance.Ils are easy and cute dogs, easy to train, do not need grooming / pampering often or not at all, very friendly four legged creatures, good luck 🙂

  • Off leash training does not begin until they are in advanced obedience. But keep most of leash laws dogs on a leash in their property. Even if you have a dog that is great about the recall and willingness to heel, it must also be kept in laisse.Jamais owned a Husky. It’s too hot here for them. Those that I have seen here have a coat really bad, it is just too hot for them to grow that beautiful manteau.Un stubborn dog just needs more intensive training and you must stay on top of all the training time. If you do not know what you do not even try with this breed. Hiring a professional coach.

  • They are a handful to own, you must be the Alpha doubt in the minds of dogs, or yours. Once the relationship is established, they are in my opinion the best dog you can have. They must be led to believe that they are a necessary part of your backpack (family). I would be very careful to leave your Husky anywhere near a cat on a leash, they still have a strong hunting instinct and will bring (their leader) of the soft feline thought they did well. Too late for the cat when you say, “No, bad dog”. My Siberian never took a bath in five years and is treated when it is shedding his Wintercoat. They love to run, I use my longboard skate or bike with a harness.

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