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Sled Dog Training Run – Shameless Huskies!


Sled dog training run in Saxapahaw, NC, circa 1993. Our Siberian Husky and Alaskan Husky dog ​​teams competed and placed in sanctioned races in the Mid-Atlantic Sled Dog Racing Association circuit.

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  • these dogs are bred for a long time ago. as laboratories for hunting, herding sheep and sheepdogs. they love him and are natural to them. long as they are not overworked, and they handled cleanly, those are some happy dogs. you really do not know much about the true nature of dogs.

  • People like you and that damn Chinese curse .. Anyway, I hope these “people” never on my way …

  • I would not say that you are ignorant and very Imature, that’s what people may think, I can confirm that you and these “people” know exactly what you are doing against the poor dogs and other poor angels. That is exactly the same evil spirit that makes these bears are kept for a whole life in that stupid small cages, without moving, in the Chinese bear farms. It is exactly the same inspiration that led Hitler to do the same with those minorities in the 30s ..

  • I know everything about dogs. I wish I did not, because I would not suffer day and night thinking about the pain that small dogs are submitted at this time all over the world. That’s because the man ** s like you that millions of sled dogs being tortured in eastern Russia and Greenland, is held in chains outside, facing temperatures below -50 degrees without the chance to protect themselves, but to please human ** s’ malice, like yours.

  • Idiot. You obviously know nothing about dogs.

  • Great vid. These guys are so excited to run. I have 2 sibs and a Malamute bikejoring just begun and we love it. Any negative comments here are from people who clearly know nothing about huskies!

  • @ Carlamaranho Your ignorance astounds me.

  • hey can I do with my female husky?

  • 1993?? Thank God all these dogs are dead now, rest from this suffering and pain!

  • Nice

  • Amazing!

  • UPDATE! I have a dog scooter and all setup and we are now like a dogsled team. I’m in love, and so does my dog: D We got her to start walking by getting her to chasing someone and then began to teach her the commands from there: D

  • You know, I do not know much about dog sledding, but I know a lot about dogs. These dogs are beautiful and obviously very well treated. It’s pretty clear to me that they love what they do! 🙂 I do not know why someone has a negative reaction. Maybe they just do not watch the video closely.

  • Is the brown dog a husky? (1:33)

  • I think what you perceive as brutal is not entirely correct. The dogsare treated the way you in the video for a reason. If you have many excited dogs, especially if multiple alphas (people), and lead dogs, the excitement can lead to a dogfight pretty quickly. The controlled, not cruel, otherwise the dogs can shoot out of the box and go in search of “play” and eventually disappear. Visit a kennel. It will change your perspective. It did for me, I married into.

  • if you trained ONE husky what he must do to pull a sled and got another dog and the other trained husky dog ​​to learn by doing? if you know what I mean …. lol

  • wow you love your dogs so much and I bet they love you cause to walk, as it is for a husky HEAVEN …. our husky he loves to run, but I can not walk with him because of a medical condition so he only rides with my hubby …. its okay though he still keeps on hand nice long walks with me 🙂 But we plan to breed huskies and sled train our dogs …. would be wise to say, if you trained to ONE husky …. sequel

  • They are so enthusiastic. Just as they were born to run and pull sled or something similar.

  • Hello, I live in Maxton, NC and I would like for someone to guide me in this, because I started with my male bikjoring but not my wife (when it was winter) and I loved it and so did he! message me more about you and your teams, you can: D

  • I live in NC, and I’d love for you to accompany me in bikjoring and karting with my two Siberian Huskies! I tried bikjoring with my husband and he loved it! I can not wait until winter, so we can start again!

  • I live in NC, and I’d love for you to accompany me in bikjoring and karting with my two Siberian Huskies! I tried bikjoring with my husband and he loved it! I can not wait until winter, so we can start again!

  • really love to run sled dogs dragging the owners are not reversed

  • okay, I did not post this vid, but I can answer, basically you can walk with how much you want even one, but my expeirience is that dogs seem to prefer a lower team, after all they are pack animals. If you do not have the space and a budget, I would recommend 4 dogs team, just because you only have 4 dogs does not mean you can not fast or far to go with the right training. Personally, though a good team, in my oppion is about 6 dogs. Still manageable, relatively inexpensive to feed, and able to go far.

  • Hey I have a question how many dogs do you need a sled dog team?

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