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so how do you train your dog?

Question by Philly Mojo: so how do you train your dog?

everyone on this seems to be a “professional” it seems. So what are your methods of training your dog? Do you beat them? Do you yell at them? Do you rub their nose in their pee when they do it in the house? There’s NO right or wrong answer. Everyone’s allowed to “train” their dog in their on way, but let’s see where this question goes, and let’s see the difference in opinion.

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Answer by The Devil’s Boy
peanut butter.

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  • Um actually, there is a right and a wrong answer – especially with the examples you just gave. No matter how someone trains their dog, I think we can all agree that what you said is wrong.
    You CANNOT beat your dog – unless you want to get bit.
    You CANNOT yell at your dog – this will prove and do nothing.
    You CANNOT rub your dog’s nose in their pee – it’s a myth and the dog does not comprehend that you’re trying to tell it not to do that.

    I train my dog based on corrections – corrections being NOT hitting him or beating him. These are corrections with a prong collar.
    I am also trying to train him in more of the “working dog” kind of mentality.

    I am no professional – I can only judge on what I have read from professionals and have seen work for myself with my dog.
    I also consult the user Greek on here lol. He is a professional and most of his methods are what I agree with and work with on my dog.

  • Sorry, but there is a right and wrong way to train your dog..I’m far from an expert, and never claimed to be..but I do know that yelling, beating, and rubbing their nose in it aren’t the right ways of training.

    I took my dog to classes and also work with the breeder of my dog when I run into something I’m not sure of.

  • yell and rewards

  • if my dog does something wrong like pee in the house or a trick that he learned already and he ignores me i whack him across the face,stick his head in the toilet,kick his stomach repeatably,throw him across the im just joking i train him with patient and positive reaction.if he does not get something i simply keep trying and wait till he understands.he learns very quickly tho i guess it because of his reward which is some Salami and his favorite toy(two in one)

  • This is a pointless rant.. please take it elsewhere.

    And YES, there IS a right and wrong answer.

    rubbing their nose in pee is incredibly ineffective, as is beating and random yelling.

    *I* train with praise and correction. You do something I don’t want? You get corrected. You do somehting I like? Good dog.

    There ARE right and wrong ways to train a dog, get over yourself.

    Oh and I am NO professional, I am just not an idiot.

  • Nothing that you described…none of those methods work

    I tell my dog to do something, and I expect him to do it. If he doesnt, I correct him and MAKE him do it.


  • Well each puppy is different, so I watch the puppy to see what it is responding to. I use different words, sounds, hand signals for each of my puppies. If the commands are not working, I change them. I do not beat, yell, or rub their nose in pee. I don’t use the command “no” because it confuses puppies. The words, “know, no” come up in conversation, and it confuses them, I use something like “shame” or “ssht” or “off” or “settle down” or whatever that puppy responds to. Some I use signs from sign language, some I use thumbs up hand signal if I want them to continue what they are doing, or a shake of a finger like I am scolding them, if I don’t want them to continue what they are doing. I was taught that puppies/dogs want to please you, so I focus on that. I teach them what behaviors I allow and what ones I don’t allow and remember to praise good behavior so they keep doing it. There isn’t a right or wrong answer in my world, what works for one puppy might not work for another. I do a lot of things you would find farmers do with their dogs, it doesn’t have to make sense in my world, it just has to work. My neighbor calls the ducks with a duck call and they come. I burp on the way down to the pond and the ducks come for me when I burp. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just has to work. I want to train my angel dolls, I don’t want them to be terrified of me, and I don’t have to make them terrified of me to get them to please me, just like I didn’t have to make my troops terrified of me to get the job done. I address a behavior the second it starts, each time it starts as many times as it takes until I win the war. I realize my IQ doesn’t matter, diplomas and awards don’t matter, I am about to do battle with an 8-week-old puppy who is already smarter than I am, and hopefully at the end of training, they are trained, and I have the very smallest amount of sanity left. Peace be with you.

  • i don’t believe in beating or yelling at animals, i take in abused dogs or cats. i rub their nose in it. but that don’t always work. if that don’t work i will put baby oregel on there nose. that usually works.

  • “I tell my dog to do something, and I expect him to do it. If he doesnt, I correct him and MAKE him do it” – completely agree bells.

  • I have done the sniff and swat method with all of my dogs and they have all been trained much faster than my mother’s who does not do this. I dont rub their nose in it, thats nasty, And I dont beat them, it’s mean! But all these know-it-alls are so stuck

  • This is actually in my info.

    Take a blender. Toss in some Cesar Millan. Add some Tamar Gellar. Combine some “Nothing in Life is Free” method with Victoria Stillwell and a dash of common sense to account for each dog’s individual personality. Stir until just combined (may be lumpy).

    1. Primates hit, dogs don’t. Inflicting pain doesn’t teach anything but to be afraid (dogs and children).
    2. Yelling conveys excitement. Dogs respond to the TONE of your voice, not the VOLUME.
    3. Rubbing their nose in their excrement doesn’t teach them it’s wrong to go to the bathroom in the house, it teaches them it’s wrong to go to the bathroom at all.

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