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So, just for fun, if you had a …………..?

Paige03 Question ? So just for fun, if you had a ………….. dog training company what would it be called? Or if you owned your own veterinary hospital what would be his nomou what is the name of your animal shelter Estet you do not have to worry about name is a trademark or used by someone autreMon training company would be “dog gone mad dog training” or “Be the canine leader” or something like that. Provided I know nobody else has these names, but no sure doutePas safe from animals, but the veterinarian’s office would be Mountain Shadows. This is the name of the one we go and I always liked this nom.ha intended to put the dog gone wild, but the dogs went crazy, that’s fine I supposeMeilleure response: Answer by bob ©

ha ha! My friend and I discussed this before and our veterinary clinic would be called “Fixin and dog shit” and our primary diagnosis would be loops.

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  • My animal shelter would have an ordinary name, probably the city it is located inside and then “Animal Shelter” follows. But, as I have a legend, “Home of the Backyard Bred”.

  • training: whip this puppy into shape! hospital: get ‘er done and fix’ er up! shelter: the dog house.

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