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St. Paul Dog Obedience Trial

Pepper’s 2nd Open A Leg. Score 196.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • your dog is a very smart well trained dog:)

  • That judge was very nice for saying “I dont think she seen it “. Judges around here be like Oh well. And they would deduct points . Wish we had nice judges

  • im trying to teach my boxer to lie down, its going kinda well actually

  • really? i never knew that i do CKC and UKC, i wonder if its the same rules?

  • i agree with you. I’m 15 and i do dog trials, i used to do obediance but now i stepped up to utility. the hardest of them all.

  • In response to RoxyHades01, in AKC Open A you are allowed an extra command during the heeling off leash. You may get points off but not an NQ. I’ve used the extra command to save us, more times than I’d like to admit! Nice job!

  • Specialty show or all-breed?  And congrats on the leg.

  • I watched it again, it happens just as your nearing the entrance, the judge calls an about turn and a dog squeals at the same time. He calls a halt a few steps after and ends the excercise. (00:46)

    Hey we all get our breaks lol, I’ve seen judges let people away with much more then a little gesture.

    Very nice performance though once again. Congratulations! : )

  • 196

  • You can use plastic or wood. The advantages of plastic are that they are durable and can take a lot of abuse without looking like it!

  • i didn’t review the video again, but if i tapped my leg, it would not be during an exercise. Between exercises we can communicate with our dog however we choose. Leg taps are used to rotate her in heel for proper position. yes, this is AKC. On the off-lead lag, if you look closely, you’ll note it’s handler error. I accidently signaled an about turn with my body- I think we bump, she gets confused that i didn’t turn, and ends up lagging in confusion of my mixed signals.

  • Will the AKC/UKC only allow the use of plastic dumbbells in trials? I have a wooden one that I use (basically the exact same as plastic) and I don’t plan on trialing my dog really, but if I use it on another dog I do want to title, will I have to get a plastic one?

    Great job with Pepper, by the way!


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