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Strategy for the perfect dog training

Strategy Perfect Dog Training The dogs are best friends

rights. But dogs require good training to become good friends. Remember all animals have their natural instincts wild. They are independent in nature. As a result of dog training should start early before the dog is old enough to form his own nature.

Rules are very important for dogs. You must establish fixed rules from them. Like children, they too must follow the rules you set for them. It is best to make the rules as soon as possible before their nature is fully formed, because if the dog gets older, it is very difficult to change his behavior. For example, it is impossible to prevent a large dog to lie on your bed, unless you teach him or her avoid the bed from the beginning. Everyone in the family should know the rules and follow it, otherwise the dog will be confused with people’s behavior different children


Consistency is very important for dog training.

A. Strict “no” is essential when the dog is something wrong and the animal must fully realize, You’ll need lots of patience and concentration to train your dog well, but once you train properly, you can be assured it will always follow your instructions. The dog must realize that the behavior is good and what is inacceptable.Bien that older dogs can be trained and

, dog trainers as the most professional to start early. It is very difficult to change habits formed. When the dog does something wrong, you should know about it. However, corporal punishment for hurting your dog should never be used. A company command and show your dog what he should or should not do works beautifully. Dogs are social animals and they love the company. So a great way to make the animal to realize its mistake is to stop interacting with it for a while.

Remember, at the same time if the animal does something that you should always give praise whenever possible, and even give a few treats or toys as a token of appreciation. This will encourage him to behave and respect the r├Ęgles.Chiens

can follow the tone of a human voice. So instead of screaming, you will be asked to set simple marks and short of behaving like “sit” and “high” and “come”. You do not need to repeat multiple times or scream. Try to make your dog respond immediately. Clickers are also good tools for training dogs to help separate the animal behavior between good and bad. For example, if the animal does something good, you can click with the clicker and give the animal a treat. This will help the animals associated with good behavior rattle and treatment.

Slowly efforts should be made to ensue that the animal performs even without treatment. This can be achieved with much practice and training.

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