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Synonyms for “wrapped around my little finger”?

question Elana : Synonyms for “wrapped around my little finger” I am writing fiction and one of my characters need to say this, there are many different (even if it turns out that is not true). anyone other ways of presenting the situation: “My B – ch” “When I say” jump, “he said “how high” “I wear the pants (in the family)” “I told him control” “I’m always on top” “I by the balls” “I have his number” “I do everything of his thinking for him “” I was on a short leash “” I got where I want “” It is wrapped around my little finger “” It is in the palm of my hand “” It is under my thumb “” It is c – t hit “” He jumps to each of my words “” He is able $ $ y whipped “” This is my little dog “” This is my little man so “” He jumps when I say frog “” It is well-trained “” He knows that I created, and I can just as easily destroy him “” He knows there is no right or wrong way – my way ” all the others? Ladies, are you in this situation? How do you describe your friends (or you?) Someone just e-mail me “I eat out of my hands.” Best answer: Answer

by Curious
hmm .. this question has been posted like 3 times already.

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  • …. you scare me a little. No, it is only exression.

  • “I like the hoops and jumps through them.” “I looked suspicious and he peed on himself.”

  • “He’s my little slave and he knows that” lol idk good luck tho

  • “I got by braces & short” “It’s Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy … I am with two green balls in my hand, I have his attention.” “I have a lid on him. He is not going anywhere if I do not allow it. “

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