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The Most Amazing Chihuahua Tricks- Clicker Dog Training Tricks

The Most Amazing Chihuahua Tricks Performed by Kiko- Clicker Dog Training Tricks These are some of Kiko the world’s cutest and smartest Chihuahua’s favorite tricks! Kiko is my heart dog, and I filmed some of her favorite tricks today because tomorrow she is going to have surgery to remove her right eye. And so this […]

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Chihuahua … Questions?

by sgoerin SarahBelle Question ? Chihuahua Questions … Okay, so I just got a Chihuahua a few days ago, it is about 10 weeks and she’s so fun to be around. well .. shes not full chi, miny pincher shes half too. anyway, I just had some questions … 1. I think she peed .. […]

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Underpants the Chihuahua – Atlanta Dog Training

An off leash Chihuahua? Unbelievable?? Not with Sit Means Sit. Darin Shepherd of Sit Means Sit – Atlanta is seen here with a 16 week old Chihuahua named “Underpants”. At Sit Means Sit, even little dogs deserve to have fun and freedom. Formore information on Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Atlanta Georgia see: […]

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