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Norman (Boxer) – Boot Camp Level III. Advanced Dog Training

Norman is a boxer who Neuman K-9 Academy boot camp for dogs completed. This program covered sit, obedience commands remain, down, heel, come when calle …

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High level of Dog Obedience Work

Hard to find, very large true black sable with heavy bones and especially powerful head. Highly recommended for home / family companionship and protection … Mia Montagliani of talks to Maris Pet Store Rhuarc in Williamstown, Victoria on various products of the trainin …

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Q & A: English Bulldog and small children? Level of care?

by sgoerin mamaladybok Question : English Bulldog and small children? Level of care? I would absolutely delighted to have an English bulldog. I have a small child so I have mixed feelings about a puppy now. Does anyone have a bulldog and children? How did you “learn” to tolerate each / respect for others? So […]

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