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Why can not people understand that dogs like Pitbulls “” are dangerous animals.?

by andreaarden question by Anthony S .? Why do not people understand dogs as Pitbulls “” are dangerous animals People keep telling me that crap that “if adequate training ……” but I do ‘ buy it. these animals were bred to kill [DONE]. Why do we allow to continue ownership of these animals? I understand […]

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Q & A: Hunting hogs with Pitbulls?

question : Hunting pork Pitbulls Me and my friend decided to buy 2 male pitbull puppies this past weekend, and we intend to take their hog hunting when there old enough. Firstly, pitbulls are good dogs for this? I’ve seen a lot of youtube. And we went hunting without a dog several times. Second, this […]

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Dogmantics Dog Training TV Episode 2: Pitbulls

About this Dogmantics episodes highlighted expert: Jessica Wheatcraft Jessica has worked with shelter dogs for over 8 years. She turned her love of dogs into a career and is a certified dog trainer with Whole Dog Training in San Diego, CA. Check out their website at….

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