Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Target Stick Training – An Introduction to Targeting A target stick is a valuable tool in teaching dog tricks. In conjunction with the clicker and some tasty treats, the target stick making education hope dog tricks quickly and easily. Subscribe to my free content packed email newsletter here: presents Clint Cora talking about the use of head collars for your dog to stop pulling the leash.Clint is a special dog owner since 1979 and has used an indoor method to successfully potty train dogs this way long before the pet industry came out with dog litter box systems which now complement what Clint does. Besides the effective techniques to litterbox train dogs, Clint also offers a free basic dog obedience training video where the minimum standards all dogs and their owners must learn to show. Training drills are also shown. Go to http for access. Video Rating: 5/5

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  • What should I do if my dog ​​is only interested in the stick bite and chew on it? : D He’s too excited :))

  • how much does a clicker costs’

  • It depends a bit on your dog, but generally try to keep sessions short and sharp – 5 minutes is a good uitgangspunt.Veel success with your dog.

  • How long will the training take?

  • omg i just realized that my dog ​​responded to your clicker, and expects a treat: p

  • Hi There, I’m not sure if this would work when training your cat. I suppose it would but I have no experience with cats hebben.Veel success with your Cat.

  • Good question! Targeting can be used to teach all kinds of dogs basis as well as advanced behavior. Targeting can be used for a dog to learn at the feet, turning off light switches, close drawers and doors, etc. It is also useful as a re-directed behavior to calm anxious dogs to help.

  • Well until the addition of the cue – in the first instance to the cue has to be added while the dog stick hits the target. Then, as the dog touches the target stick and finally just before the dog gets the stick.

  • Once your dog is familiar with the target stick, you can then start with some cool dog tricks. You will be using “targeted.” Click on the link to the right of the video for more info.Al the best with your dog.

  • What is the use of “Target Stick Training?”

  • Hi There, Yes sure you can not remain a target probleem.Zelfs a pencil will do the trick or a short garden stake.

  • you can stick a target?

  • where did you get the target stick?

  • Hi, Macy has started her four years oud.Ik on the target stick when she was 2. There is no reason why you can not start your dog off at a much younger age – it’s never too vroeg.Bedankt for your question.

  • hi, just wondering how old is your shih tzu and how long you have to train her on the target stick? thanks

  • A afferpinscher would be a good choice zijn.De important things to consider when selecting a puppy that you are buying from a reputable and respected breeder who is responsible for the health and welfare of his / her pups.Plus you have all the puppy socialization and training required for your puppy to grow into a well balanced and trusted member of society zijn.Veel success if your puppy.

  • Yes of course! A dog is never too old to learn new tricks – unless there is a physical reason why your dog can not perform the truc.Oudere dogs do great at learning tricks and if you have not used clicker training methods, I’m sure your dog will love it! All the best with your dog.

  • my french pee toy is 7 years (human) old can they still teach?

  • If you find one that fits (you might have to change the size as it grows) and be gentle with it – no sharp movements on the line.

  • we can use it for 2 months puppy?

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