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Teach an old dog tricks?

Question Kim ? Teaching an old dog tricks new Ohkayy, if I have a dog at the age of 4 years. She just turned 4 this April ….. Most recently, she ran away, and we found it (I cried a lot, but we found it) and I think it is a little too hyper. So my question is, can you “re-train” your dog all the bases again? It can crawl, sit, lie down, and come, but I want to go a little further. It is a golden retriever and she is a bit heavy, so how can I teach him roll over? Once I made him jump over an obstacle, but she does not like it. She would sometimes go under or around it. Well … I think I talk too much, but just in case, I’ll ask again: – Can you teach an old dog?-How can I teach my dog ​​how to roll over?-How can I make him jump over an obstacle?-How can I make him calmer and less nervous? Best answer: Answer

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  • How much time do you spend with her. If she is plump, you might want to start with walking her more. Remind him what it’s like to go through training. Start “training” her how to sit, lie down, etc. everywhere. Spend a few days to make the premier.At she naturally rolling in the grass? If it does, make him lie down, then make a loop with your hand and say roll over. Then help her renverser.Pour jump obstacles, start by jumping. Many Goldens will follow you, it is a great game nouvelle.Le recycling and walks should help them be more calm and less nerveux.Désolé is so short and simple, but it is supposed to be a basic overview. You know better how it reacts, the key is reminding him how lucky réagit.Bonne!

  • Yes … you can teach an old dog … it may take a little longer. Because she’s older, she developed habits and this is what is hard to break. As it is a golden opportunity … it should be easier … they are the kind of race who want to please their owner. To make it less nervous, you can correct it when she tries to jump on you by raising your knee and put your knee in the chest …. his praise when it is and not to jump on you. Bait really works for teaching tricks … you can attract them with treats to ride or jump the obstacles. I have not really done that, except I made one of my cocker spaniels in agility and we used a bait to lure him into climbing, jumping through tires and weaving through the poles .

  • Yes, you can teach an old dog, Fly. . . turn your hand into a circle and give orders, “roll over”. . . . get his left front leg and pull it toward your left as you simultaneously push his upper right side of your right to cause him to ride. Make sure it does not receive treatment unless it ends its roll. Be sure to praise his LOT. repeat, repeat and repeat as needed.

  • go to a dog trainer. they can do everything and more! @

  • Hi Kim, your best bet would be to check: is the best resource for dog training that I’ve met so far and is suitable for all dogs. I am very satisfied with the results positifs.J hope it helps! 🙂 Best wishes, Kimberly

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