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Teach dog to stop barking –


Take part in our online dog training course here: Use coupon code “youtube” for a discount! It’s National Train Your Dog Month – Use Coupon Code “YOUTUBETYDM50” for 50% OFF our Polite Puppy Class Like us on Facebook: Teach your dog to stop barking – by teaching them to bark on command, and be quiet on cue. Visit for full training. Video Rating: 4/5

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  • That is so cool!

  • Great Video. I just started clicker training today for fun, but the dog and I made great progress from the beginning, so I will use it to train him out too. This is fun =)

  • Love ur videos

  • Your dog is super cute!

  • uh … oh … I see that I have a problem … I taught my dog ​​to bark .. by the treatment up to my face and said: “I wuv you” … Now … how I would teach him to be quiet?? D8 I try the finger in the mouth, but I suppose he thinks it’s a cue barking! WHAT SHOULD I DOOOOOOO? (Im an idiot ~ LOL XD)

  • Mystery mix!

  • Start using the clicker immediately, it does not need training before gebruiken.Doe to each step in the video as long as it takes until you feel that the dog “gets it” and no longer guessing. This means that they are aware and the frequency of the desired behavior is released hoog.Doe short sessions and often take pauzes.Veel fun!

  • what breed is your dog?

  • I recently bought a clicker, and I wonder how long I should work with just the clicker so my dog ​​fully understands what the click means and how long do you think that we use on every step of the video?

  • Thanks for the encouragement. Be sure all our videos. More will come in time.

  • If your dog is not naturally cry (v. cortex) may be difficult zijn.Wat I would suggest is to observe your dog for one or two weeks and every time he cries document. Find out what makes him cry. Then, instead of knocking the wall, as I said in the video, you would use what makes him cry for the behavior to activate and then press / to behandelen.Als your dog never, never, never cried … can be nearly impossible.

  • Cows are trained to move from pen to pen, in stalls, injections of antibiotics to accept, and they end up in your burger, sir American Joe.

  • If you are training at the video, the dog will be barking for a treat at the end, not out of concern / fear that someone from outside. Use the clicker and provide a treat in the fashion described in the video?

  • Say “Quiet” and even when they are barking, a treat thrust into her mouth. It will be many repetitions, but the conditioned response will occur.

  • Your mother should be responsible for training the dog, not you. It is not a child is responsible for the family pet to train.

  • The barking is self-reinforcing, so really you should not the dog in the yard without supervision. It is no different than a dog barking at people from a window.

  • Check out our intro video Introduction to Training / Clicker Training For more information on clicker training dog learn. To answer your questions, eating off the floor to send the dog to buy some more time to set for the next iteration. Then any treats that the dog is motivating to work for everything you need. I love the use of food roles like Red Barn, Natural Balance, Rollover.

  • great video. Keep up the good work. im enrolled

  • Can you show us or find out how to make your dog to cry? Please, sir! I also subscribed. Hope you want to do

  • Looks more like a border terrier, Norwich terrier mix for me.

  • I thnk its a border terrier

  • what dog is that

  • asians dont train their food!

  • Hmm I may have to try this. My dog ​​barks a lot, ((half Chihuahua half Jack Russel)). She grabs Tricks fairly quickly ((taught her to shake in just a few hours, of course now she’s trying to give her leg just to get a treat, smart girl. Lol)) so maybe this will help. Since I’m pretty sure she just loves the sound of her own Bark. XD

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