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Teaching an old dog new ways?

Question by Dark N: Teaching an old dog new ways?

Well my aunt had this Shih Tzu for about 6-7 years now she had Lucky even when he is still a week old, so this dog is pretty much the alpha dog coz he snapped at me when I tried to take the bowl, he only has this kind of aggression when it comes to food but all in all he is a good dog, now he and my aunt will be coming over for the summer and she agreed with me to “Train” him using the “nothing in life is free” stuff but I have trouble in: a) Trying to teach him the “sit” command(I never tried to use a treat before but now I will try to give him this “skippy dog treats” manufactured by Del Monte pet products is this any good) b)make him stop running around his crate whenever its walk time and c) my aunt and I argued that Lucky should run because since before Lucky never runs she pampered him too much, she said Shih Tzus never do any hard work in the Chinese palace b4 plus Lucky is weezing whenever we try to run, so do Shih Tzus like to run if so is it still ok for an old one to do so?
Whenever me and luck runs for a few meters he opens his mouth, stick his tongue out and and breathes heavily, do you guys still thinks he should run

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Answer by Dotis
It sounds like this pampered pooch is terribly out of shape- you should run him in moderation till he gets used to the exercise.

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  • Yeah he is spoiled thats not the problem the problem is ure aunt don’t play or walk with him enough…she should start

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