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Teaching Object Recognition to your dog: Naming Objects with clicker


Learn step by step how to make your dog how to recognize two different objects by name to learn. Naming Objects with clicker training. This method can be used when teaching toy names, people, agility hurdles, service objects, auxiliary objects, etc. Not sure what’s up with the high tone of my voice when giving the signals, but at least I’m consistent the whole video! That’s what’s so great about video recording yourself, you see things you would not otherwise see! Since I made this video, I have received comments from other trainers with experience in teaching object recognition. I have added their suggestions in boxes like the video. Be very patient with your dog as it can be as much as 2000 repetitions for a dog to take the name of an object to learn, because the use of words as a noun is not natural for dogs. Keep your training sessions short and fun! It takes a lot of concentration to learn this concept. Video Rating: 4/5 This is the last of the 30 minute workout with this aggressive German shepherd and the comes to the gain of the snout, and the owner is able to work with the dog as well. The ability to exercise over to the owner in a quick manner is one of the many things that made Sit Means Sit dog training the largest and most successful American dog training company in the history of the United States. To Sit Means Sit Dog Training franchise owner visit For more information on Sit Means Learn Sit Dog Training Collar visit

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  • WOW!

  • Wow! This is great! I train a mobility / balance dog, and I sometimes have to pick her up objects I drop. So far I have used the general term “Now!” and points, but if there are other things in the area, they can get confused. Teaching her “bottle”, “keys”, “wallet”, etc. would be so much more useful and this video explains it very well. THANKS!

  • Great video, this really helped iron out some issues I had with the purpose of training! Thank you!

  • You’re actually doing a cue transfer in this case. Points to the object is the cue to leg touching. By saying “hat” and then pointing, do your new cue, Old Cue – Cue transfer. Helix Fairweather

  • great workout!

  • this is great! one thing I’ve wondered about in the past using the clicker to teach object names that you cue (the name of the object) introduction before they know the object. The opposite of what we usually strive to clicker training (ie behavior for adding the cue …)! but I can not think of a way around here …

  • Or you can cluck your tongue to highlight it.

  • Teach her how your hand first, similar to a leg shaking tapping. Here is a video that kind of shows how it’s done. You can also use a foot valve on a margarine lid first capture, keep the lid on the object. / watch? v = 6mQrS6n4kJU

  • How do I get my dog ​​to the ticking? I know where she was educated, they used treats as rewards.

  • Yes, use the word “Yes” instead as a behavioral marker.

  • Could this also be taught without using the clicker?

  • good video!

  • Great video, thanks so much for taking the time to show the steps so clearly! πŸ™‚

  • I wish I could have someone come here to train my dog ​​….. : ‘(I live in Aus so im not sure if someone could come to my house for some private lessons with my dog

  • Cute dog! As usual, it is always about training the owners.

  • Your a good dog trainer sir ..

  • very good work

  • Can you or Anthony message follow-ups to let us know how the dogs are doing?

  • I love dogs …. excellent training … 5 ******

  • The trainers do a very good job of training the dogs. But it is the owner of the dog, they need to make their own dog training and doing their home-work-with their pets.

  • Nice work fred which is a far cry from day 1! that’s just proof that there is no dumb dogs they only learn what we teach.

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