Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

The Citronella Spray No-collar really works!


I needed something to help me break Toby’s habit of barking in the backyard with the neighbors. Wow! It really works! I’m impressed .. Video Rating: 3/5

Video Rating: 5/5

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  • The spray smells really pleasant – such as lemon-scented furniture polish.

  • I have 5 dogs. How bad is the smell of that stuff that is sprayed?

  • Dog: I hear something maybe I should in.hond bark bark collar: shut the hell upHond: Shit what the hell was that

  • @ Oxoallwhat ever what ever, it is not so funny. It is not even funny.

  • hell yea omg I need one hahahahaha cant stop laughing

  • Hi Solstisol He will occasionally be willing to “suffer the consequences” if he wants to badly enough barking. And he certainly enjoys returning to his old habits to bark if I forget to put it on. But for the most part, it is still very successful in the holding of its bark to a minimum. I’m still a must!

  • Tenerife, Spanje.Hi.Heeft this stop your dog barking, and if so for how long? Would I right in guessing that he just barks at the neighbors as before? Sincerely, Solstisol.

  • LMAO its like wtf was that?

  • lol

  • wow

  • LOL! Bark like you mean it!

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