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The method of Koehler dog training?

Question Pack Leader <3 chokers !? The Koehler Method of Dog Training I am thinking of picking up the book “The Koehler Method of Dog Training” that I read about it it looks pretty good. What are your experiences with this training? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Would you recommend this training? and finally how it works for training dogs of different ranges of soft to hard? I would just add my dogs are highly trained and already know the commands of obedience, and I’m just trying to read on different ways that I can integrate with what I already do. Thank you! Best answer: Answer by

NOT STIR IT ROCKS Koehler.NE KOEHLER-EMBRACE! Use it as a stand alone.Jetez everything you did with your dog and start at the beginning of the méthode.Ne not cut corners. Koehler is like math or language, a lesson builds on the other. Visit tohttp :/ / www.koehlerdogtraining.comLes people do not understand that knock pas.William THOUSANDS Koehler trained dog, his method is éprouvée.Il is a fantastic group on Yahoo Koehler.Rejoignez the group and learn the real facts and successful method of dog training Koehler.Il some will say it will not work on dogs soft. Yeah right. I have a Rough Collie and a Pomeranian that was confiscated by animal control abuse and neglect before I pull it. Koehler gave the dog the confidence she so desperately besoin.De Canine Professionals Hall of Fame-a teacher, trainer and author who has worked as a trainer-in-chief of Walt Disney Studios for over 20 years , the bill still managed to find time to write six books and act as head coach of the Orange Empire Dog Club. His list of achievements in the field of dog training are too numerous to list here. It is interesting to note that his method of training Koehler guard dog was named best book of dog for the year 1967 by the Association of American writers of dogs. Method of dog training Koehler was hired , the champion, and vilified in some cases damned. When you’re good you really are sticking your head high enough to get shot. Only if you’re really good shots will be missed by all and leave you standing straight and tall above the masses. It was Bill Koehler.La Koehler method of dog training is just as valid and useful in the twenty-first century as it was in the twentieth century and we believe it will continue to have meaning as much for as long as we have dogs to train.

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  • I had the book, lire.Je would think its a very good method. I’m still in the process of obtaining more information, read the book and I hope my puppy will begin on this in the week prochaine.Bonne luck!

  • I am doing now Koehler – BEST method of training as much as I found with my dog. It has never been more in tune with my movements and never paid much attention to the ME without friandises.La thing is you have to throw everything else out the window – you do not “integrate “Just follow it step by step book. The book explains pourquoi.Vous start with a working week of basic training on a line 15 feet. Then move on to a leash of six feet. Then start with the sit, sit automatic stay, down, etc. So yes, it has lots of commands to teach (the same as any base class) and has a lot on the seal, aussi.Seulement con is that it’s not for any of the “bleeding hearts” who can not bear to discipline their dogs or let their dog discipline themselves. This book is based on training allowing the dog to make their own mistakes – including letting the bolt dog, walking the other way when they do, and let them hit the end of the leash 15 feet . Even though you do not use the method, it is a good book to pick up and read. As I said before, my dog ​​has never been so attentive to me and I did not carry a bag of candy to get it either.

  • Wow – just went and looked at the show that was posted by another responder. This is exactly what I used to train my dogs (did not even know that the classes I took was a specific method!). Amazing work. They won in AKC dogs and are 100% trustworthy off leash. I still use the basic concepts (because that’s how I learned to train dogs) and I always said how well behaved our dogs are (I do not think they are particularly well because we-just the basics for now and nothing “fancy”). Absolutely go for it. It works and that your dog will love!

  • Greekman use and recommend the method by Koehler.Lu même.Pourrait I have to give it a try with my new boy.

  • Koehler worth the read … but in my opinion it is damaged more dogs than I care to think. People who do not be too harsh on TOO sweet dog will create a character problems. In addition, people who use it as a Bible will never see the full potential of their dogs because it is a book of 50 years based on the way to a man to see things. It’s the same reason Bruce Lee was so kick-***. Everyone thought their martial arts style was gospel … instead he took pieces of boxing, karate, fencing, silat, and Wing Chun and we all know how that turned out … EXPLOSIVE! As a life long artist I apply this martial a quote from Bruce Lee said in all aspects of life, and that is: “Take what is useful, and disregard anything that is not”. Method Koehler has some very useful information and technique, but people who “buy” into it as gospel … well, they do not win the Sch. Nationals anymore do they? Not only is Schutzhund, the French are the best trainers in the world, they also use treats, just like the Germans and Dutch … most do not use treats because you want a dog for you “Obey and does not work for treats” is ridiculous, this is what the phase corrections of training is to teach a dog, he has to work regardless of whether or not you have a toy or treat or decide to rent.

  • It is always worthwhile to learn something new. But remember when you’re dealing with your potential aversive effects is higher. Corrections should be fair to both the timing, intensity, etc. A correction misdelivered can ruin a dog. A mission timed click, not much chose.Si you train this way, you must be prepared for the fallout. All dogs will suffer from fallout, but why risk it? This does not mean that there are no corrections used here, but I avoid them whenever possible.J ‘like Steve White 8 Rules to http :/ / / Punishment

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