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The Most Amazing Chihuahua Tricks- Clicker Dog Training Tricks

The Most Amazing Chihuahua Tricks Performed by Kiko- Clicker Dog Training Tricks These are some of Kiko the world’s cutest and smartest Chihuahua’s favorite tricks! Kiko is my heart dog, and I filmed some of her favorite tricks today because tomorrow she is going to have surgery to remove her right eye. And so this will be the last footage of her with two eyes… I am very tearful about it. But she has been suffering pain in the eye for so long and has been blind in the eye for many years. It’s time for the eye to be removed so that she will no longer be in pain. Wish her luck with her operation tomorrow! After she has recovered I plan to make more videos of my most special dog.

Video Rating: 4 / 5

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  • Those that dislikes are those that have 100000000000 kittens and cats poor chihuahua has to get its eye removed but this video is awesome and i love it

  • I hope to be just as good with my dog when I get her. I am learning before I adopt her. These are great videos!

  • Good video

  • Im sure the people who disliked it are just those crazy cat ladies who have 30 cats and knit sweaters all day. Thats their problems, not ours. =p Its a wonderful video. <3

  • Hello! Well my dad is thinking about gettingba chihuahua and i train my yorkie in obdience so I heard chihuahuas can be intentionally stubborn. Is that true?

  • its ok all those people tat gave u thumbs down are fuking haterz they just fuking jealous of ur wondurful dog KIKO!!!! kiko is lucky to have u and your lucky to have her

  • People dislike this video because there are jelous of the intention on her teaching this dog with her amazing experience

  • How old was your chihuahua when you started training? I have a 3 month and a 2 year old and I would like to start training the basics.

  • I can not imagine why anyone would give a thumbs down to this video. What’s not to like? Emily, you are an awesome trainer and Kiko is adorable! You have a lot of fans. Don’t give a second thought to the thumbs down, they simply don’t get it. You just keep doing what you love!

  • So cute

  • Whats weird is, is that you can put the most amazing thing in the world on youtube and there are still dislikes. Emily I think you are sooooo amazing at what you do and have the most amazing dogs in the world. glad kiko is doing good 🙂 Best of luck 🙂

  • You are a very good trainer too!

  • Wow that is amazing. Smart dog!

  • Kiko is the most AMAZING chihuhua EVER 🙂

  • Blown away! What a great team. it isn’t often I see chihuahuas show such restraint but you taught her well. What a great mama. Hope Kiko is doing well.

  • I feel your pain, I always hate it when one of my dogs get hurt…they are just like my kids to me.

  • Aww man, I really love what she does with her tongue, she’s so adoreable! I’m usually not a fan of Chihuahua’s, but Kiko’s just sweet! You and your dogs a great team, it’s a joy to watch your videos!

  • So glad Kiko feels better after her operation. Won’t stop her being a clever and talented dog x

  • wow.. must have taken you a long time to train her to that level.

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