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Thin how long does it take to “potty train” a chi-pom?

Asked by * ~ * T @ R @ * ~ * ? My God how long does it take to “potty train” a chi-pom I have been training for about 3 weeks now, but my last dog (a German Shepherd) took in about a week! I’m tired of cleaning Shit! lol I have 2 Chia-poms, they are about 6 moisMeilleure response: Answer by

small dogs have smaller bladders and some are not completely broken home until about a year, especially if they started on puppy pads in the house.

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  • it takes longer to form a male chi my pom puppy is not learning as fast as my race poms.i think it’s because chis are nervous now dogs.just box and leave every 2 hours .

  • the smallest of the smallest dog of the bladder, he took my shitzoo about a year to learn to put these puppy pads around the house and if he / she does on the field, then its Disiplin

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