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Train Your Doxiepoo Puppy – Using the Right Mindset When Training the Doxiepoo

Train Your Doxiepoo Puppy – Using the Right Mindset When Training the Doxiepoo

If you are ever going to be a successful Doxiepoo trainer, there is one basic thing that you must do. If you can’t do it, then it is time to find a new career. Dogs, like wolves, are pack animals, and each pack has their leader. You need the dog to see you like the alpha leader in a dog pack. Once the dog sees you in that position, you will garner both confidence and respect. Once the dog knows that you are the alpha, you will be able to successfully train the dog.

Once the pack status is established, respect will come. You also need to establish a special bond of trust. Trust is not something that comes easily, it needs to grow. Trust has to be earned, and the only way to have this happen is to have positive interaction. Once you have trust and respect, training is a piece of cake.

Think of the dog as a child. No matter how cute and cuddly they seem, you need to establish acceptable lines of behavior.

Do not let your Doxiepoo set these lines, no matter how cute they are. Your dog still needs to be showered with love, but sometimes it has to be tough love. If you don’t establish these boundaries, you have in effect relinquished your position as alpha leader of the pack.

Once you have set the pack order and pack rules, the dog will feel safe. This order is what helps a pack live successfully and be able to survive the wild. Dogs need to have this structure. Without it, they may feel panic because it doesn’t have this structure around them. You aren’t being cruel by laying down the law. It is a natural thing for dogs to seek leadership; you have to make sure that you are that leader.

Good luck training your new Doxiepoo puppies!

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