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“Trained pot” child to pee on the carpet?

Question ? “Potty trained” child to pee on the carpet I am at my end of ressources.Mon 7 year old has been potty trained since she was 3 and a half 4ish (last minute for some children , but I let her leave diapers when she chose the pot.) off and on since before she started kindergarten, I find small wet spots on the carpet on the occasion and I wrote it off as water flooding, but it became clear (that I caught) that when she did not feel like walking to the bathroom, she crouched simply pulls down his pants, made pee on the floor, and goes about her day. She does not care to clean it, and sometimes it puts large toys or chairs on the items recently, so I can not find right away and she has no trouble. She shares a room with his sister 4 years is increased by it and tells me when she sees her to do or find a place humide.Je can find no physical or psychological reason why she does ├ža.Je am a housewife and she gets plenty of care of me and his father, with his sister and himself. It is not abused or mistreated by anyone. Both parents live in the same house and love each other and, if it’s not like she is on stress, anxiety or insecurity. It has a bathroom that is “the bathroom kid” alone beside his bedroom is completely clean, well stocked, and all fonctionne.Elle does not wet the bed, suffering from nightmares or sleepwalking. She has no problem maintaining her bladder when she is home of a friend, at the store, in the car, or through the nuit.Il is no link with the frequency of its behavior with the school year, vacation, relocation of family problems, or family changes, other than it happens less when she is at school because it just is not home during the day or time of day more I’m too busy to look constantly. (She does when she thinks she will not be taken.) It seems a simple matter of opportunity and laziness and I have no idea how to cope plus.J have tried to punish , talk to him, make him clean the carpet, his grounding, saying he will make her very ill, telling him I’ll talk to her teacher (worked for about 3 weeks until school ended) carrying TV / books / toy boxes that keep distracted in his room for long periods, and finally today, when I found the newest place that I dug one year (own ) of layers before his sister was potty trained, and put it on her without ceremony, and informed him that I would buy more if it continues longtemps.Nous are not the heavy hand or permissive parents. We usually favor standing on the wall and save the spanking for serious or dangerous behavior after the fact of the loss to explain why the behavior is bad in some way a child can understand each pediatrician could find no medical reason for this, and think she is also a student of normal well adjusted first. Her teachers think she is a great school and is a student of normal well adjusted first. I am now 7 months pregnant and I can not be folded down on the floor scrubbing the carpet with detergent detergent and bleach every day, and I certainly can not be done when the baby arrives, the more I think it is outrageous to have a second grader wet the floor like a badly trained puppy, a. 4 year old who was potty trained for two years and a baby in her langesS’il God willing, I can not be the mother on the planet who has ever experienced this? The only other story that I don ‘ ‘ve never heard of what was similar was a 16 year old who peed on his floor because he would not get out of bed and it blamed on the cat. O_oMeilleure response: Answer by

I would not punish her for that, other than having his nettoyer.Mais that the I would make is this – get books from the library and talk about the urine and kidneys, bladder and get all the waste products of our body. She probably thinks it’s just water, but it’s not, he will feel if left on the carpet, and bacteria can breed there dedans.Enseignez him why he is wrong to do and how it is hygienic for your entire family.

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  • Make him clean up his mess every fois.Elle could be just lazy. Every time she does what you have to do a clean “production” out of it. If you find a place to catch him in the act of making him clean up and look for other places to clean where you “think”, she soiled. Make it not worth his while not to go to the bathroom. Tell him how much it stinks when it does. Let her take a bath. Find a place where she soiled and clean him just as his favorite television show / video is running. Or, pretending she had a play date and tell her she can not go because she made a mess and she got to clean it! Furthermore, if it goes a while without any signs of moisture and tell him you’re proud of her, she Growing! If it were me, and I caught, she would spank on site and clean up the mess of everyone but … parenthood is different.

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