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Training a puppy 8 weeks old?

Question by Shannon : The training of a puppy 8 weeks old I just got a puppy last week and she is 8 weeks. It is a mixture of collie lab with a few in it. it is a wonderful puppy just not sure how his train. I bought Iams puppy treats today, but she does not want anything to do with them. How do I “train” her if she does not want to deal with. Do the work, saying good job? Best answer: Answer

by Coopers Mom
If it is not so motivated to process Yes, you can use verbal praise. If this does not work you can try a favorite toy or even use a high reward deal, such as cheese, hot dog or something like that. I tend to spend trafficking in training of my dogs … I use carrots, hot dogs, cheese strings (AVFs), chicken pieces, etc.

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  • obtain his instinct sausage or bacon or ham or turckey and use this

  • Buy another treatment and when it does something to tell you that a good job and then give it the friandise.juste say that the habit of using.

  • It could be toy motivated and sometimes just some dogs thrive on verbal praise, no need for other awards. If you still intend to treat food as a reward (I), try clicker training her. There are many books and people out there who can explain the clicker. She hopes to come to associate the click with a treat, so looking forward to the process and it is easier to mark his good behavior right then and there.

  • Here are some things they will do and how to solve-weeing in the house (if the dog does not do it rub nose in it to give them a minute and put them directly is one of the techniques most used)-pooing in the house (do not rub your nose in there is one, you can not really do anything for it, but once they grow out of weeing pooing they will soon learn is not right either)-Gum furniture, clothing shoes teddie thing can get the socks on their feet (they will soon get over that, but in the meantime, tell them to)-barking (they will never be that if you teach them not to! If they bark to look something over them and say no Sturn)-Your puppy will also stifle and want to play all the time (you must be very firm still remember quite nice they are still very few) if your talking about stuff … so look for it in a targeted way with anyone else around, so it wont happen in one day, but during a teacher not to go Later in the teaching another, be sure to act as the “mother” figure for the dog because they treat you like that for the rest of their lives. If it will not take these treats specific try at least 4 or 5 varieties of what he or she likes to do if the work then just give love when they do and praise them a lot! (: Remember that your puppy feel comfortable in your home, it is when you walk in the door from the love of family in and take care of it, but be firm as would be with a mother that has elleespérons aidél’amour Chloe

  • “Good job” probably will not work, not at first like a treat abord.Trouver: string cheese, Cheerios, bits of hot dog, chicken, small pieces of meat, other brands of sweets. Make a trail mix dog that she loves. At 8 weeks of training play games with it. Teach him to target hand his reward for making eye contact when you say his name. Work on the basics, like, sit, down, come, etc. not force your puppy or try to manipulate son.Les sessions short and amusantes.4 two sessions or 5 minutes a day at her age.

  • How cute. No. .. it is a puppy and do not really understand what is happening and that means good job. Try to do something progressive. Only teach one thing at a time. Do not rush, it is only 2 months old and has years to go. Clickers work, I present it to a clicker. You can buy them at pet smart about 3 or 4 males. She may not like the treats you give him. Is it still chewing? If so, (I’m sure she is) trying to give “dingo” all my bones Dingo puppies loved and still do. In addition, they make these chicken strips dried, they come in a package at Walmart or an intelligent animal. You can break them and try to train with them. Or little liver treats are good. Just take your time, that of your Lil ”ll get there! 🙂 Happy training!

  • Do not use Iams – a lot of crap ingredients and remplissage.Une reasons it may have probs it is because of fear – the dogs will not take food if they are stressed and like many new puppy are stressful situations. Labs tend to be very food motivated, so I’m sure you probably rapidement.Très solve this problem, you can start with dry food – be sure to use a good quality puppy kibble, with the ingredients they need as a puppy. Search the net “for some recommendations and / or ask your veterinarian. Kibble has the advantage of regulating daily caloric intake (as you will be using lots of treats during training), and also introduce new food to a puppy can often cause pistes.Vous can also try the cheese and freeze-dried liver, or something similar – but in moderation, especially at first. Look on the package and make sure that it is USDA inspected liver. Use “special” deals for special things, such as a designated area eliminating any housetraining.La praise is great, but do it this way: At the exact time, it does what you ask, give him the treat and say the word “yes.” Then praise him – the specific words are less important when you use your word bridge – which is most important is your tone and body language, then the enthusiastically praising a happy and she will learn it you like. Yes it is a word deck, easy to understand and she will associate this specific word to have performed the task correctly. Only the use of the word bridge and treatment when she did exactly what you want. Later, when she was older, you will eliminate candy, but you can still use your word bridge, then the louange.Enfin, if you do not already have one, get a good book on the formation of obedience for puppies.

  • I am trained three years with our Corgi belly rubs and just giving him loads of praise, which is also the way my mother made our Border Collie, she was the best dog we’ve ever had! This could also help with your collage making him the puppy and you trust the most. I mean who does not like to shower with praise after doing something good? 😉 Hope this helps!

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