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Training a puppy street, please help!?

Question !? Training a puppy street, please help So, I live in Brazil so many donations and other dogs, and I was asking my mother for one since I was little, TODAY ‘Today is the day I never got the first one … We had a gift of the cage, which of course was free (except for stuff like food, cage, etc.) and the thing is is that it comes from an unknown race, he has fleas as well and things that suck the blood thoughs, but some was found alone, over chips, then the rest. .. there can obviously not trained, so I have to train to be a dog house, much like American ones. My mother does not seem to care about the whinning, although as well as I and my brother is very very annoying, how can I control this? I think it is 8 weeks old if I remember to this day, he drank lots of water, and one piece of food still needs a little more vacines, they also gave him this medicine before we took him, and also a flea pill type thing, and another thing thats put on the back of his tête.Donc , my real question! How do I started to train him? Where to start? what time of day does he eat or drink (and what time do I wake up to give it to him)? how do I control the braking or whinning (this is the first day until now, and we have put in his cage, but he complains just really hard!, I got out and he drank more water, then it back and now he sleeps, but How can I control it can stop? what happens if he wakes up again?) how do I “potty train” him? so he can pee and poo in his little box thing? PLEASE PLEASE HELP, he just started crying again! ok, I took it again to see if it wanted to pee, he did not give him and took orders for rendormiet I praise him when he does something good, and enter your means, when he does somehting good, but it seems not have in him, unless that’s how it is-because it takes a while? it also has a small toy and a chew toy inside is this correct? I heard take him every time he wakes up to pee, pee every time cause puppies when they wake up is this true? and when they eat, they poop after that? Is this true? one more thing, he does not eat, as a single piece of food, is this normal? if this is not what should I do? its my first time to take care of a puppy so im kinda nervous to hurt … somehtingMeilleure response: Answer

by Julie Ok
first time you do not want him to pee in the cage thats where he sleeps two, you need take it out often, this is a puppy and a small blader, 3, get some type of animail plush bear with him when he’s in the smell will cadge your’e on it that will give some comfort.I hate to say it, but the end whinning and barking in a few days they use to get their new home and relize they are ok, toilet training is taking out a lot once that it is used, then you can go out every three hours, it takes a little time make sure you say good boy when he poops and pees in luck side.Good

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  • 1. start with the basic commands like sit, lay, and training home2. just keep your training consistent with, like sit with them in the sitting position to tell them to sit down and rent until se3. feed him in the morning when you wake up in the afternoon and about a cup each time and water should always be disponible4. you just have to ignore it, it will not be in the cage5. when it receives first thing in the morning, right out of the box put it where it needs to go and do not let it move until he does, every few hours to keep here ** For fleas, you can always use Dawn dish soap to kill

  • The whining because he does not trust your home to the moment.Cela formation.Âgées will change with the 8-week or 8 years, dogs need to trust the authority of their human companions . Have mealtimes réguliers.Faites sit the puppy or just sitting back while the food is prepared and put bas.Ne not let it come to food without telling you that it is correct to the faire.Mettez- leash and uses beaucoup.Promenez you in anywhere around the maison.Avez above during playing time and give it a tug before jouet.Ne not hold the dog more than a few minutes for both caresser.Ne not let him sleep with you.You can put the crate near your bed for now but you’ll want to get out of his own domain by suite.Utilisez playing time than the time of the formation.Avez break puppy to sit or lie down in front of him teasing with a toy to play some more. (hide the toy behind you) Do not let your teeth with this toucher.Corrigez startles his mind from a few word to a slap on the museau.Toujours fighting a toy in his mouth or use a knotted rope / piece of tissuque you can hold the ends and catch it when it bites milieu.Quelques the simple rules of play and MILES food you take away that most people who come to enjoy the way the puppies are mignons.Depuis structured play, your dog will learn everything you want him apprendreet it goes much more relaxed and more balanced than that does not grow with few rules.

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