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Training aids?

watercurves asked:

When walking your dog and training your dog, what aids (ex. gentle leader, choke collar, clicker, etc.) do you use and why? What do you find is the benefit of the training aids you use? Do you use positive reinforcement?


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  • Kisha

    I use a prong collar… my dog would choke herself to death if I didn’t. We are currently working on it – she catches a scent and her ears turn off.

    The benefit is that she does not pull with it on. If the leash starts to get taut, I pop the leash and she pulls back a bit. Eventually, I will be able to remove the prong collar, and when the leash starts to get taut, she will associate it with the correction and pull back without it.

    I do use positive reinforcement in some ways, but for one of my dogs in particular, leash corrections and praise are working much better

  • Chia

    I will use a prong collar for some intensive heeling training, but I don’t much care for the gentle leader- it’s too easy to cause serious injury with.

    I love the clicker, but I’m not smart enough to use it! (Hehehe)- It really takes exact timing and lots of practice. It is not as easy as it looks. Choke collars, I’m not a big fan of, as I see no point. Some people use them, I just don’t get it.

    Past that, I use positive reinforcement whenever possible. But, I will use “corrections” in certain instances. (Before I get blasted, by “corrections”- here’s an example- I teach all of my dogs to “leave it”- has saved more than 1 life- anyway, I set the dog up- I put a piece of food on the floor, and we walk past. When they go for it, I give a gentle *pop* on the leash and say “leave it”- usually takes 1 pop, and they’ve got it.)

    I think most anything can be taught with positive reinforcement.

  • Loura

    I fully support positive reinforcement.

    When training a dog I ALWAYS start with a flat buckle collar. I like to give the dog a chance to work with the least stressful training aid. I advance from there… 🙂

    When training I have

    6 ft leather leash
    Positive Attitude

    There ya go! 🙂

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