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Training Chickens improves Dog Trainers!


J9’s K9s trainer, Stephanie, spends a week training a chicken and sharpens her dog training skills in the process! Also, Janine trained chickens, in 2004! Video Rating: 4/5

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  • this is great. oh my god it’s so sweet.

  • It is their normal eating chicken.

  • What’s in the cup for a treat?

  • The music was distracting. Chickens have highly trained people

  • You might want to find Terry Ryan of Legacy Canine Training. She offers a chicken trainings and workshops around the world. She initially worked with Bob Bailey, the man whose seminars I originally attended.

  • This work was conducted as part of a seminar. We worked with the birds several times a day It was probably several hundred repetitions for the birds to learn what we wanted -. Especially since, because they move so fast, your human timing must really, really good. If you click at the wrong time (by way of micro-seconds), you inadvertently reinforce a movement that you do not really want. Then it takes many more repetitions where your timing is better to repair. It’s pretty fun!

  • Hey, I recently had the idea of ​​clicker training my two chickens so decided to seek a vids on YouTube, and found yours! My girls are 9 years old (still healthy and active) … as a comparison, how many repetitions it has for the chickens to take in the video to pick it up? And they were trained daily? I spent only a few days a week as I’m not home wonen.Geniet of any help: D

  • Hello I would like to know how your experience with training a chicken can you give me a support’m from Brazil I am a great admirer of this ability is impressive start. Before I tried to speak but not to purchase a DVD will be sent to Brazil. I would appreciate if you could spend some of your knowledge.

  • El Sonido es un clicker. Reforzador condicionado permite que es un que sabe el pollo y su comportamiento fue correcto será recompensado. “El adiestramiento con clicker” es una forma condicionamiento the operant. Los Pollos se les enseñó a reconocer el color y el color y Formas. Si usted busca “adiestramiento con el clicker” encontrará gran cantidad the Información. También pruebe a mirar a Bob Bailey y y Marian Karen Pryor.

  • Do not click twice, but there was a room full of people working at once, so you hear a lot of clicking in the background.

  • What’s that sound for each movement of the chicken?? and chickens instinctively recognize these colors or be trained for? chicken or recognize the figures are also trained to recognize them? I’m not sure I fully understand the questions I am Latina and I had to use a translator!

  • Sonido ese es que antes de cada Movimiento del Pollo?? enlos Pollos reconocen ENI Instinto colores por o para ello son entrenados? loose Pollos reconocen las Figuras o tambien son entrenados para reconocerlas?? No se si bien las preguntasYo me entienda Soy latina y que utilizar Tuve traductor!

  • Why do you have to click twice?

  • They believe that because it’s very convenient to think that chickens are stupid, while killing and eating them. But it’s not a question of intelligence, it is a matter of being able to suffer and this is why I no longer eat animals.

  • and chickens are stupid people believe that they can not be all that bright, but not stupid.

  • How do you learn the tricks to thoughs?

  • wow that is amai sing! how the heck did you train her to do that? or is it a hair, im not sure?? that is so cool anyway good work. and another question wats his / her name? me! 🙂


  • Wow!

  • Thank you, beautiful video. I loved the color and shape discrimination, gave me many ideas to work with my chicken and other animals! Clicker training rocks! and have fun too!

  • Wow, it seems your chicken is smarter than my cat. It only took a few moments to shape a new behavior, while it took days for my cat just a form of behavior to do. Maybe it was not the cat maybe it was the trainer! The chicken seems instant gratification for the trainer, because it learns quickly and is eager to do the actions! Sigh, now I wish I had a chicken to train.

  • can you tell me how to do this I would like to know

  • exactly why I love them: D chickens are so smart!

  • this is so fascinating, I do a year 12 biology experiment on animal behavious and I have a few questions about this as I was thinking of training a chicken voor.Ten first is that an adult hen I just want to pick a target and I not really a place to keep an adult too, will perhaps work with a chick? if you train the chickens what are the main things you could incorporate (eg response time, the amount of correct and incorrect answers , etc.)

  • I tried training my chicken with bread, but all 5 of them came. lol very difficult to try out all at once

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