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Training your dog heel on a loose leash: Dog Training in London (HD)

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  • The best video, congratulations, make sure more, thank you!!

  • My 7 month old springer spaniel is a pain on the line, we walk around the house beautiful, but beyond that he just wants to sniff everything, his nose is constantly on the ground! I try the stop-start routine, but it’s been painfully slow. This video is the best advice I’ve ever had and will give it a go!

  • I have an english bull terrier one pulling he contantly, tomorrow iam ga have a crack at this one to see how we go. you tips on training the woman?

  • One of the best videos on how to stop pulling. I’ll try taking a few steps back and my dog ​​lead around the house and get him to concentrate more on me and follow me.

  • Do not worry, be happy!

  • My 8 month old Parson Russell you like to walk to heel in the house with or without lead, but a nightmare when walking always attract. Tried slip leads and a short lead but he pulled like crazy. Took the advice on calming him down for the walk and the actual walk, after one day he runs so much better, not the heel is just the difference is astounding. Thank you very much for posting this video.

  • epic end …

  • I agree it takes time and patience to exercise, or tricks we want our dog to learn …

  • I appreciate this video because it shows how much time and patience can be a good walk. For many dogs, there are no quick fixes, but the time and effort are worth it if you have a dog that is a pleasure to take for a walk.

  • Amazing! Thank you very much for your instruction video. I can not wait to try it on my dog.

  • * Chop

  • Thank you for this video! I never knew how to teach a dog to heal, but after trying your method today, I am amazed at how quickly my cocker spaniel learned. Hope we can keep it!

  • Thank you soooooooooo much, much apprieciated!!

  • What would you recommend if the dog bites your leg if it does not want to go the same way? To stop and calm down? change direction? would you use a NO? or no words? it’s not only aggression plagues to lead me.

  • Thank you for giving this information away for free!

  • Oh my God, we have the following dog listener training with our dog for months, but it was not until I saw this video the last piece of the puzzle fell into place. In a matter of days is now a pleasure to walk our dog.

  • I really think that even the dog whisperer wouldnt my lab to walk to heel: (lol

  • but once we are out on the street shes another dog altogether shes pulled me over my arm and pulled my hip hurt so now in its current form should I drive to where we are going than to let the lead (where they weather is brilliant) ive tried the stop start .. change direction … police dog training method (where they pull hard on the lead when oil drain intervals direction) different harnesses and haltis (she still pulls them) and had 1-1 extra help with my dog ​​trainer and nothing works

  • nice video it’s good to see a video whee a dog pulls at the beginning of the video does not show on dogs already know how good walk .. lol thing I have every technique tested in the book with my labrador shes 18 months old now and im not able to her to walk on the line shes too strong for me (she does stage 1 perfect) coz we went to training the dog since she was 12 weeks old .. shes in art class and runs to heal and off lead with distractions PERFECT lol

  • I struggle to my two springer littermates (5 months old) to get to walk on a loose leash. I have read numerous websites and books and tried a range of techniques to little avail. Your video looks very convincing and I like your approach so that’s where we start tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  • the dog will follow you to infer?

  • They are still getting exercise, I took off for each hour and played ball with them in the house. The point is that on the last day that they are less than the first movement was slow and they were loads!

  • very good video!

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