Training Collar Guide: Pick the training collar that best suits your pet

Training Your Dog: PetSafe Containment System –

From – A step-by-step guide with tips and troubleshooting for train your dog to understand and respect your new PetSafe containment system. Proper training of your pet is essential to the success of your PetSafe fencing system. Video Rating: 4/5

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  • that dog has a perfect hairline at her hut

  • @ Graupella how is that in any case relevant to this video? another dog wants to attack your dog will get through a fence no matter what happens

  • Dylan9096 yes everything you need to do is hit the button that lights up according to the newspaper what degree of correction you want

  • @ Dylan9096Uw a tit and must have the collar around your neck ….. Read the manual

  • @ Graupella For the other dog attacks your dog hold it down and put your extra collar on, thus it is a fair fight.

  • This product is already on the market at 10 to 20 years PLUS! the price of the product was not completely …. we bought the system once, but when China made the shitty design broke then I pay $ 119! for another! FUCK YOU GUYS you have my buisness. I wish I had the balls to steal it. The mark on the products of this type are disgusting! tired of being ripped off!

  • I have a question, I can shock collar frequency, because I have a dog and it hurts her real bad she cries and wines, so it worries me?

  • @ Petsafebrand Ok. Thank you!

  • @ Hellokityfartsniffer Thanks for the question! We recommend using a choke chain during training. Having a metal collar around the containment collar drain your battery.

  • Is it safe for the dog wearing a choke chain during the training?

  • @ Graupella Go to the puppy mill and ask for a bigger dog.

  • Tomorrow I get another dog and this was a great refresher course, because it’s been two years ago I trained my last dog! Thank you!

  • What if another dog attacks your dog wants? How would your dog safe?

  • Very good vidio, I found it very useful. Want it in the retail package or at least web address operation and training to lead. I had custormer care center to call to find how to rate this video, which used to PetSafe at home and is not accessible throuch that site even longer view. Tell all your enemies where this video as you recoment this product.

  • Thanks for this video, much needed help, thanks

  • Thanks for the video! this will really help me train my malti-pug.

  • I got one of these for my Havanese puppy, works well. The only problem is that if you have a longhaired dog, getting the collar is very difficult to click with her very hard to get off. Notice how the unsnaps hard with long hair. The hair is caught in the snap.

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