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trying to decide what type of dog to get. right now it’s either a Dane Doberman, Rottweiler or large.?

dtownoc214 Question : trying to decide what type of dog to get. right now it’s either a Dane Doberman, Rottweiler or large.? I want an intelligent dog who is intelligent and playful, but also protection. but not too violent. I will be starting a family in the coming year. or so, and I want a dog that my children can play without fear of biting their faces off. I know a lot of that has to do with how the dog is trained, but some breeds do have certain characteristics. Women want a rottweiler. I am not aware of different races. I just love how, in the top 3 look. I will not be the guy walking a shih-tzu. Anyone know where I can find the characteristics or traits / tendencies of different races? anyone with experience good / bad with one of the three I mentioned? I want a smart dog difficult. I know people who have been trained “guard dogs”, but it was stolen. and I know people who have “companion” dogs, and they attack anything that moves. of suggestionsJe want an intelligent dog who is intelligent and playful, but also protection. but not too violent. I will be starting a family in the coming year. or so, and I want a dog that my children can play without fear of biting their faces off. I know a lot of that has to do with how the dog is trained, but some breeds do have certain characteristics. Women want a rottweiler. I am not aware of different races. I just love how, in the top 3 look. I will not be the guy walking a shih-tzu. Anyone know where I can find the characteristics or traits / tendencies of different races? anyone with experience good / bad with one of the three I mentioned? I want a smart dog difficult. I know people who have been trained “guard dogs”, but it was stolen. and I know people who have “companion” dogs, and they attack anything that moves. I also know that we have, like most health concers, or that tends to live longer. of suggestionswhoa, Irish wolfhound that looks like a horse. want a kind of dog like me. I am a laid back easy going person. i can be spontaneous and playful, but consistent and fluffy. I do not lose my composure, until it is time. and even then, a look or grunt, can do much more of a bite. I want a dog thats smart enough to know que.J ‘have been debates among newborns vs. mutt. you should be very careful with breeders. and there is something beautiful to take in a mutt. there are also concerns that many avecMeilleure response: Answer by

Golden Retriever! A golden retriever is perfect for your description of the situation. They are very playful and very very intelligent and friendly and cuddly. In addition, they are very protective. Not at all violent. Golden retrievers are the perfect companion. Rottweilers are not exceptional. I am afraid to bite him or be mean or turn on the owner. Where the other two that you named, I do not know much chose.Mais I think a golden retriever that is perfect for your desrcibing. They are really beautiful German chiens.Shephards aussi.En are well done, I take that back. my friend has a Doberman and they are very hyper and they jump around a lot trop.à the person below me, instead of arguing and being immature, why do not you answer the question guys? and yes, I’d be afraid of turning on its owner. When I was little, my cousin had one and then she adopted a child and bit the leg rott Children and growling and snapping at my cousin. Maybe she does not have enough to form a good dog, I do not know. But I know from experience that they can be méchants.encore something wrong and I swear that exit the display, a link lol.heres rotts.http :/ / / reviews / rottweilers.html

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  • Hi, I’m a dog trainer by profession. honestly it comes down to what the breed best fits your lifestyle and what you want in a dog. all three are good breeds, the dobe and rottie will stand more of foreign fish (great watchdogs), the Dane is mostly very friendly people (like a giant laboratory). if you want a rottie dobe guard, a dog to walk people out of a leash and them not be afraid, Dane. what you should do is go to the akc website. they have a breed selector that can help determine the best breed for you based lifestyle. why I’m saying is that there so many large breed working dogs in books that people give because they have one that have lots of energy! and race were to work with people, so they need lots of exercise and you must spend time with them every day. if you do not, they will more than likely begin to chew on things and tear of your home. well hope this helps, brad

  • Well doberman dogs, it get really big brains and they can be aggressive .. Why do not you stick with a small dog if you have kids you do not always want to worry about the dog bites the child right? Sides confidence in myself a lil dog can be mean and protection as well .. I schnazers miniatures and there by great … they will bite if they do not like you or they shrink from strangers .. GOOD LUCK

  • I would go with a dog if I were you. I have one and it is incredible. They are great guard dogs, ex. my sister and I were walking alone at night and one of our neighbors (we have not recognized) came at luke animal. Luke had already met, but I guess he felt that we did not know because it comes between us and the neighbor just lowered his head and looked just give a warning that it should not be closer. The guy across the street and he was quite well again. Most of them have a very high level of intelligence, and they are incredible with other pets and small children. He is really playful and fun, but he also loves just hanging out on the couch. I’ve never known him to bark if someone steps on our property, and is quite friendly to everyone that we feel comfortable with. I’ve known people with Dobermans and Rottweilers and they may be too large dogs, but if their farm is not high end as I heard of people turn them on. They have more aggressive tendencies if they are highly socialized while Danish large can be both a companion dog and a watchdog.

  • i say either have a Rott or Dobe and you do not have to train them to be a guard dog breeds such as most many others will not let anything hapen their families … just treat them well and train them to listen to you .. . more likely people arent going to mess with you, they will not take a chance to tell if your dog is a guard dog trained or not ….. anyway before you get any breed you need to start playing the race way before you get theres a lot of things to consider about getting a dog of any breed, but especially a bully breed make sure you can be a responsible owner and know how to train and what it takes to learn the history of the breed you choose who will help you understand the best methods of training … All three of these races are family dogs and the Great around children .. chance.neonlights good – thats a myth about Dobermans im guessing your talking about the one where there is the brain becomes bigger than their head and it drives them crazy? not true of all dogs are grandes.Doberman: / Rottweilerhttp :/ / / rottweiler.htmGreat Dane:

  • My family had a dog when me and my sisters, where children. It was an absolutely great dog …. until we had a guy break into our house. Of course, the dog attacked (it does not really hurt the guy, just to scare him). After that he became more viloent. It would growel and bite me and my sisters. We ended up giving him up because of it. It was only the dog’s natural tendencies to become more aggressive, especially after an incident like this. This suggests that great danes are natural enough agressif.Rottweilers are even worse! Yes, if the dogs are raised right, they can be great. However, all it takes is one incident to change. You want a dog that is naturally sweet. You do not want to put your family at risk. There are many macho-looking dogs that are just by nature.

  • Dobermans are great dogs! People are afraid of them, so that protection is great. You can train them because, unlike a Great Dane, they are really smart. I grew up with a Doberman from the time I was about 4 to 14. It was really great, I was riding on her and pull her tail and ears little knot, and she would never try to bite me. We also had a teacup chihuahua that attrack him and it does not bother me whatsoever. The vacume would scare the crap out of it! It was simply the best dog in the world! As you train them right and treat them not to be mean dogs, you will have a faithful friend for years! Good luck!

  • get a rotty. or Staffy

  • Get an Irish Wolfhound! Irish Greyhounds are sweet-tempered, patient, generous, caring, very intelligent and can be trusted with children. Dignified and willing, they are unconditionally loyal to their owner and his family. Not a guard dog by nature, but can be a deterrent simply due to its size. They tend to greet everyone as a friend, so use of them as guard dogs is not recommended. They average up to 90 inches at the withers. (Three feet of soil in the background, lol) Although, if u mess it up it could kill ur children, and maybe you if she gets crazy (if unlikely, unless it catches the rage, do not listen to this part, it is not true lol)

  • A guy above me said something about a Rottweiler does not turn on its owner. Well, I had rottweilers all my life, all the big dogs. However, I have a friend who had a rott, she was a great dog, and my friend was a great owner. One day the dog has just had its out of nowhere while playing in the park and ripped off half his arm off. I know that any dog ​​can turn, but to call someone ingnorant about it is … kindof ingnorant. As the owner rott, I would not let dogs near my baby, they are so strong they could do wrong without even knowing they have done, especially with the way they are protective. A great watch / guard dog who is very good with children is a German Shephard, if you need a very large dog, Mastiffs are the protectors of good and also good with children. For more information about the different breeds you could Google “dog breeds” that will bring up different characteristics, etc. Have fun!

  • I think one of these three would be nice, but personally I prefer the Great Dane. They are awesome with kids, and they have the most remarkable ability to make himself small in the house. They will make a great companion and protector of your famille.Bonne luck!

  • The AKC offers assistance on assessing your needs and corresponding to the races right at this link: 20right% 20dog | 1035918090En Generally, choosing a dog based on looks or popular perceptions is generally a bad idea. And some of the popular breeds, like golden retrievers, were overbred if it is almost impossible to obtain good health. You will also want to consider that the smaller the dog, the more likely to live. Large breeds such as Rottweilers and Great Danes, are very sensitive to the osteo-sarcoma. Once you have learned to love a dog, it is sad to lose him after only 7 or 8 years for bone cancer. The beauty of getting a dog from a shelter is that you not only save lives, but cross-pollination inherent mutt-breeding greatly reduces the chances of the expression of the recessive gene, which greatly increases your chances get a dog without physical or emotional problems such as obsessive. If you must have a purebred, consider a standard poodle (without the ridiculous haircut) because they are incredibly intelligent or even a golden opportunity to doodle (poodle and labrador cross) one of the new “designer dogs.” You will hear some people denigrate doodles and their like gold as mutts, but all so-called purebred around today is a product of man’s interference with the genome of canids, it is therefore a matter of perspective. And yes, even real men walk Shih Tzu and Bichon.

  • All these breeds are wonderful as the one you choose just be sure of the history of the race and you have the time to exercise and train. No dog runs or simply by owner turns mean for no reason. Do your research. Personally, I like rotties but you must find a good breeder is not a BYB or you get a vicious dog with bad temperament and personality.

  • With regard to health .. Great Danes will be unhealthy for the 3 .. Due to a number of issues avoir.Im giant breeds can certainly giants (the Germans) Rotties can have these trop.J have heard Dobermans are wonderful family dogs and tend to be the smallest of the three. Not small, just smaller .. They are also one of the best guard dogs of all breeds. They need virtually no training to defend their home and family when they are menacés.Je know a Great Dane who is the dog wimpiest I’ve ever seen .. and very umpredictable, I would not trust my daughter with him for one second seulement.Mais not all Danes are like that I’m sûr.De Also make sure the dog, according to one, is socialized with children TODAY ‘Today .. Bring him around all the children you know. Puppyhood is the time to socialize, not in a few years when you decide to have a baby .. Good luck in any choice you faites.Edit: After reading your personality .. I suggest an English Mastiff .. They are pretty cool and are good watchdogs, yet also great family dogs .. They tend to be as big as a Dane, but thicker .. Read them.

  • Rottweiler.Ils are gentle and kind, and are very loyal to the family and protection. Great Danes are not all watchdogs, they are just big lap dogs! Doberman and I would say so, but since your wife wants a Rottweiler, I get un.Doberman: chance! =]

  • The two most intelligent dogs I ever owned were A Dobie and a German Shephard. Both were family dogs and very well behaved. They were protective, but still tentative, they would not go anywhere without us or run away from us. Neither were “professionally trained”, but both seemed to know their place in our family.

  • some of the brightest dogs in the world are Australian Shepherds, I have a named brittney shes absolutely perfect and sweet, but the pertective.Aller petfinder.comtous these dogs are rescued, you should get a dog away from these dogs are always grateful the cause and they know it pertective your hero. Photo of shepherds

  • Great Danes are impressive dogs. They are not knick named Gentle Giants for nothing, if I know that mine would have protected me or my wife at the end, she was nothing but a good dog to us. Ours was easy to train was the best chien.Le only problem is that these giants are not the long life expectancy and meets some health problems, but that being said, I know one day I would get another.

  • Well, first I’ll tell you about the three dogs that you mentioned: Doberman – these dogs are fine, but they are more suited for families with older children, say above 10 years old. Although they are not vicious dogs aggressive, they can be unpredictable around small enfants.Rottweiler – a big no-no if you have young children. About 67% of dogs are pits contributed to this race or pit bulls. No matter how you train these dogs, they will always have that aggressive gene that can not be forgotten. These dogs are bred to be mean. No no no … Great Dane – they are dogs very well, except that they can grow to be exceptionally large (the dog will be a bigger than your children) and they live to be six years (on average). It depends if you do not mind a short companion. It can be hard on children when he / she meurt.Eh well, I recommend this dog? A Labrador Retriever (or a Golden Retriever, although the long fur does require a lot of maitenance). They are great around small children, many people love these dogs with low aggressiveness. You will not have to worry about them biting their faces off because they do not want (they are very sociable dogs, always wanting to please their owners). They are also very intelligent and very trainable. And, they will tolerate anything that comes their way. They can also be protective too, and they like to play at any time of day. I think for you, a Labrador is the best.

  • Dogs take a long time, and Arnt fully developed until 2 years, so any young person can still be a risk. big dogs can accidentally hurt a small child. they need to exercise, no matter if you have a crying child or not. if they do not get it, they can wreak havoc inside. the most intelligent dog, the more attention and mental stimulation, it will Dobermans and Rottweilers besoin.avec, they must receive training additional guard, natural sound. Dobies and Danes are indoor dogs, they can not heat or cold and need lots of room to run outside and lots of interior space just to lay . I have a Chihuahua and a doberman.mon Dobie is the smartest thing he learned by himself all the time (how to open doors, screen doors, tricks), he becomes sad when I pass more time with my chihuahua, needs little grooming, but a lot of playing time of exit. I also have a Guinea pig and it is quite easy with elle.les big dogs can also get the bloating that can kill in minutes if small feedings without running b4 and after is nécessaire.chiens medium tend to have fewer problems than dogs from small to large, so it would fit the rottie. but you also realize that there are laws to race now, from your state or city can not allow your race. most hotels, apartments, rentals will not allow a race that was called aggressive and / or greater than 50 pounds. So if you ever have to move, you might have to abandon your pet, what is unjust, then choose wisly, once you get a dog, you cant just expect it to be able to take care of himself mê not let the dogs outside unattended, iv known too many people who had their dogs shot, poisoned, stolen, or falsely accused of things. most dogs are protective, most are smart, it depends on the owner to have them properly trained. Of course, with positive reinforcement training.

  • Honestly … Having heard what you are looking for, I gotta go with my own personal favorite … the Pit Bull. Do not believe all the hype you hear about them. They really are the best dogs I’ve never had or been around. Check it! They are awesome pets! They are good with children … are not too demanding … are tons of fun … very smart … and very affectionate and devoted to their family / pack … and for the most part, are also good watchdogs. They are great kids, really!

  • I would not hesitate to go for the Rottweiler for what you are looking for. How would you describe yourself (laid back with a playful side) is exactly how I would describe a Rottweiler. Inside, they tend to be a lower energy dog, but are very playful when taken outside. They love walks and hikes care (in general). Also a rott is very protective of children. They are wonderful for protection, because even if they are sweet dogs most people would not try to break into a house with a rottie in elle.Rottts compainion are beautiful dogs too. They are extremely loyal.

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