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Two beagle puppies on hand in the garage at night? Is that okay?

question becca : 2 Beagle puppies on hand in the garage at night? Is that okay? I just bought two beagle puppies a few days ago. I also bought a case so that we can “train box”, but they whine all night in their cage. Night last year, we left out and our room very early in the morning, but we have to get used to the crate. I live with three flight students must obtain their sailors sleep at night, and there is no good room in the house where the puppies will not be heard. My boyfriend broke tonight and put the cage in the garage over some boxes. We never leave the car in the garage so it should not really be too exhaust odors or harmful. In addition, we live in FL – it certainly will not be too cold at night – if anything I’m worried it might get too hot. This is obviously the right thing for the night and we have no intention of leaving them in their course of the day. Hopefully this is only temporary, until they learn to accept the crate to sleep at night until they are potty trained and does not need the cash anymore! Is it okay to do? We just put them there and I’m just worried about it … ****** In SOMBRA – LOL The guy who produces puppies keeps out all the time! This is where their kennel is and this is where they sleep! It has been breeding dogs for years and we just bought our puppies at 8 weeks – funny how they lived outside for 8 weeks! By the way – I do not mean to leave them in their course of day to all! It is night time and only like 80 out today. I was looking forward to a reasonable answer for not somebody tell me that I should not be raising puppies! Best answer:

Answer by Slim Slug
It is fine, as long as it does not become too hot or too cold eux.Pas worries 🙂

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  • Garage? Florida? These poor puppies poaching. Certainly too chaud.Apportez them inside and treat. Sorry for the complaining and crying, but that is what puppies DO.Il takes months to properly housetrain a puppy. Apparently you did not know that or were not willing to put up with it. YOUR mistake. You should be inquiet.AJOUT: I do not really care what you are looking for. A garage is not temperature controlled, non-isolated, and probably not ventilĂ©.Si it is 80 degrees outside, it’s 100 degrees in the garage. And dogs do not have the luxury of perspiration to rafraĂ®chir.Il is a difference between living “outside” (and Beagles are more suited to what many breeds) to be stuffed in a garage without air in a hot and humid.

  • Place the cage in the bedroom, of course. They cry because they are seuls.Bonne luck with beagles break. I grew up with one for 12 years and we have never succeeded.

  • I think it would probably be too hot for them. Especially with them being young, it’s not worth the risk. I know I did not venture. My suggestion would be to put the cage in the bathroom and turn off the light. They whine some, but do not tell them to calm down or give them attention encouraging them to whine and moan think you’ll get an answer.

  • What is the problem with farmers today, the first puppy I’ve ever had, the breeder told me. Hot water bottle and winding clock. the hot water bottle is the warmth of the mother, the ticking of the clock wound the heart beat, the dog will sleep peacefully, if a farmer does not tell you the thing 100 years old to help keep your puppy comfortable, I must say that they are not really good Ă©leveur.N hast thou not grow up with dogs? Your parents tell you this, your grandparents? A solution of 200 years and I’m giving 5 times per night on yahoo Why? Seance common heat simulates the mother, the ticking of the clock to the rhythm of the heat. I must assume that this is because most of you have never heard the ticking of the clock. High technology is not always the best technology.

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