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Underground Dog Fence Layout

Underground Dog Fence Layout

An underground dog fence consists fo a buried wire, transmitter and receiver collar. A great place to have a large selection of this type of fence is to be found they have any type of dog fence from the default to persistent dog small dog and much more.

The boundary wire is usually buried on the point 2 to an inch below the surface of the ground. Flags are placed in strategic locations for you and the dog a visual location of the perimeter wire to give. The dog wears an electronic collar containment, a receiver that detects when the dog is getting too close to the border wire of the fence has underground.

It is at this point, the receiver will hear a beep. If the dog keeps going to the wire of the fence, the collar shows a mild electric shock to the dog’s attention, and htis is not harmful. This type of shock is similar to static electricity you get from your carpet. The stimulation increases as the dog keeps going to the limits of the dog fence, the dog stops and retreats. In this way, the dog quickly learns to stay within the boundaries of the wire fence dog.

The installation of the wire electric dog fence system includes laying the wire around the area to be included above the ground. Than digging a thin, shallow trench in the ground to the wire lay in, and then tap the back edges of the dirt on the wire. The gate kits sold at to come with everything you need for your underground fence. The wire must form a closed loop, no obstacles in the path must be followed or the wire made to run under existing cracks or drainage pipes on the loop of the dog fence to complete. You can wire containment system to the entire surface of your garden, or just the backyard, or double-loop systems that can be a bit expensive. Schedules for these can be found at . Some dog owners like an electric dog fence combined with a physical fence extra protection. Can not be too safe!

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