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Ways to house-train my female labrador puppy?

Asked by ♥ ♥ ElM0-Wifeyy 🙂 ? Access to the house-train my female labrador puppy Hello, I am asking this question because I would like to know how to train my puppy. She is 6 months old. She is a black Labrador puppy, fille.Par a “house-train”, I mean teach him not to “go (urinate and defecate)” in the maison.Je am willing to be patient with it, so it will not a problème.Elle is also an indoor dog / outside. It is outside where none is at home, and when I think she should go to the bathroom (after she eats and drinks … probably 15-30 minutes after finishing). Or, if she sits near the door, which she does sometimes. 🙂 I know it may have to go for it n ‘ is that a puppy si.Quelqu one did know of anyway to drag? She is also a very intelligent.Je puppy is looking at ways of his train. I know it will take time. I’m looking means of his train. I am very patient and willing to train my puppy. * A credit union is not an option because one is not available .. * There are treats available cependant.Meilleure answer : Answer by

Okay so what you need to do is whenever she “goes” inside, to scold. Just point the finger at her and say “NO” firmly. And put outside. Every time she “goes” outside, pick her up and love on her as he n ‘there was no tomorrow make a huge deal. And when your feeding, keep it on the floor for only about five or six minutes (maybe ten), keep water down all the time, but only to keep the food down for 5 minutes or a little more. Maybe two or three times a day. If she does not eat during this period, then he will take it anyway because she will soon learn to eat for this period. Then leave it out of some ten minutes later as she gets to eat.

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