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What can I do please help me?

question adrerenee : What can I do please help me I have 6 months old twins and their father and I are not together. It has some small duplex and it has 5 pit bulls, 2 adults and 3 puppies four months that it intends to maintain, they beat the dogs to try to “train” them, but I think that ‘there are better ways and think their style makes them aggressive, I myself have a pit bull that has never been beaten, and listening is the sweetest dog ever. The older woman was a little boy and I fear for my children when they are out there and start walking and try to play with the dogs. The landlord does not know about dogs and I wanted to inform anonymously, but do not know the name. What can I do? He wants to keep my kids on the weekend but at this stage I only left for a few hours jour.Meilleure response: Response

by K9trainer
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  • You should go for animal cruelty if its really bad. Or tell the police, they will probably learn from training in place to dig dogs are better behaved and u can feel safe when your kids are there.

  • Be smart and do the right thing. Let your lawyer and the judge to determine what your ex has to do to see the children. You are right to be inquiet.Maintenant, this is certainly not something that you do not already know, right? The truth is there is much more to this story that you shared, and you are afraid to acknowledge this is really happening, you’re afraid of your ex, and need someone to help you. Call social services and just talk with them. You must be strong, must be your office, you must take a stand – at least for your baby if it is not for yourself. Do it.

  • You have every reason to be concerned, for both your children and dogs. I think the best thing to do is contact the annonymously animal control in your area.

  • Most places have online access to property tax records …. put in the address and you name owners. Or it is in a duplex ask neighbors, they are most likely not happy with him too. I love Pit Bulls I think they are great, but no way I would let him and a little child% there. Heck I would not enter! Can you deal they can go to grandmother instead? Or simply call and report to the Department of Children’s Services for children in danger. Good luck I hope I have not heard of your children on the news!

  • Let hope court would side with your fears for an option is to go directly to court, this can be hard to do, but I am also in this situation for my children. Think about it if they see your children often, a court may be the way to go first. If you do not get results, then try police SPCA etc.J adore dogs, train and own a few, but this does not look good at all especially since one of the dogs has already bitten. Similarly, when the children are there to document and take pictures of all the dogs have left marks on children. Just in case you need to help you. In addition, you may be able to find the owner by looking at your local courthouse, you will need to address children pères.Il is sad that it should be, in general I agree with the dogs .. but the safety of small children is the most important.

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