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What can I do to stop my dog ​​potty trained jealous of pee in the house??

Question by Alexia ?? What can I do to stop my dog ​​jealous potty trained to pee in the house I have a 1-year-old Coonhound is smart as can be. She has been potty trained for several months and is trained to ring a bell when she needs to go outside. Pyper (my dog) is not even trained to relieve themselves in a 10ft by 10ft area in the yard. Pyper has not had any problems with this system of ours until cue dramatic music * we * have brought home Kuno.Kuno coonhound is a 9-week-old. Both Kuno Pyper and play and play for hours and showed no aggressive behavior towards each other. However, I think Pyper is a little jealous because Pyper has Kuno and pee poo in the house several times in the last week than she ever had as a puppy. Pyper is not even ringing the bell more. It just goes on the floor and he lets me or my husband trouver.Toutes suggestions to help Pyper? I do not want to “potty train” two dogs! Handling lil Kuno, Enough Best answer: Answer

by Tiffy
Are you using the same method you did Kuno Pyper, ie, ring the bell and such? If not, maybe she sees it as “well if he does not have to do it, so I do not.” But maybe since the puppy is in the house, her back to old ways and just be reminded what to do again …. Perhaps after seeing it hurt? I just got a new puppy, and I hope I did not to go through this. But my friend will be 2 in June I try to catch every opportunity to take it outside. By the way, and I would like coonhounds. My grandparents raise them and still use for that race to do. They love hunting 🙂 It sooo great to watch them in action!

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  • Hey good job trianing so Pyper and training customers to use a cloche.Mais please do anthropomorphism. Dogs that are housetrained not suddenly start to pee / poop in the house, and it has nothing to do with jealousy. And they are not “leave you or your husband to find.” Or do you Pyper should move or clean? The first thing to do is to ensure that there is no medical reason for doing this Pyper. If she has a UTI bug or stomach which could be as simple cause.La next possibility is that it’s stress. If Pyper is frightened or uncertain, it can scare the **** of it, and once again, this has nothing to do with jalousie.Une Another possibility is that the puppy was just messing around in the house and Kuno is now confused as to whether the area is pot indoors or outdoors. Dogs go through the sense of smell and if Kuno was peeing or pooping inside, Pyper may be associated with potty training if it is not the rock that is up to you solide.Ce need reinforce potty training for the older dog. It is easy – make sure you are out there when she eliminates, praise him lavishly and even give him a treat. A year is not so old for a dog, and if you do not have to remind them, at this age that outside and pee poo is good, they can régresser.Cliquez on the link, he not only useful advice in general, but about 3/4 of the descent some info on the regression and the reasons whay happens. Good luck and do not sweat on Haing of two dogs housetrain, because often the puppy will learn the old dog to focus your efforts on Pyper.

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