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What do people mean by “Poorly Trained”?

Question by : What do people mean by “Poorly Trained”?

the only training on my Pit is sit, and if he escapes the house, he runs to the car, and he never escaped his Bull crap law (i said crap so i don’t have this question deleted) mandatory choker and chain lead, and potty training. I have socialized him with humans and dogs, he lived with cats for 9 months and he has never been vicious.

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Answer by The All Seeing Eye
Socialization is not training, if he understands commands and listens to them when they are given he is trained. If you have to struggle to get him to listen he is poorly trained

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  • it means that your dog is trained poorly.

  • Well you could take ‘poorly trained’ in many different degrees.

    A REALLY poorly trained dog barks, bites, lunges, doesn’t listen, is agressive, jumps on people, and growls.

    A slightly ‘poorly trained’ dog won’t listen the first time you tell him to do something, or might disobey you.

    It depends.

    Your dog sounds average-ly trained to me! Keep working on it! And good luck!

  • Poorly Trained: Means a dog that doesn’t even know the basic commands like Sit, Stay, Come, Down, Wait. However socializing is not training. Socializing just posts a safer, more loving dog. Training gives you control of the dog and keeps them from cars, and other people who fear them and things like that.

  • If he doesn’t listen to you, he has not been trained properly.It’s great that he has been socialized with people and pets, but that doesn’t mean that he is obedient.I suggest that you look into training for him since pitties are dominant breeds.Petsmart has cheaper training than a personal trainer.

  • A poorly trained dog is one that has not been taught any manners.Does not obey your commands instantly.By the way it is not a choker chain but a correction chain.There’s a difference.

  • Means the dog has little or no training. A command such as “sit” should be recognized by the dog immediately, and they should follow through with it as soon as it comes out of your mouth.

    A poorly trained dog will not respond or ignore your command.

  • They don’t jump all over you, don’t pull at the leash, come when called, know not to bolt out the door when it’s opened, aren’t allowed to roam all over the neighborhood. Those sort of things.

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